touchdown in a sentence

Example sentences for touchdown

When she got there, she was agreeably surprised to discover a tidy store-a field goal, a touchdown.
Touchdown marked the point where plane and terminator finally coincided.
The so-called experimental aircraft made a successful touchdown, but that's when things evidently went wrong.
He kept the ball and ran all the way to the touchdown.
Short of scoring a touchdown or going out of bounds, it's the only way a play can end.
The receiver catches it in stride for a touchdown-at which point the ball turns into a bouquet of roses.
There would be no need to maneuver or to adjust the approach for any reason other than to finesse the touchdown itself.
Of course when it came time to land, it would be a rough touchdown.
It machine-guns more than four shots per second, so you can catch that dramatic touchdown or market meltdown.
The maps below illustrate the tornado touchdown points and tornado tracks.
Brief touchdown of a tornado downed trees and power lines.
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