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Every once in awhile, a totally innovative product comes along that completely wows us.
The millennium computer bug is totally predictable in its timing, but completely unpredictable in its effects.
It totally disarmed me and at the same time made me feel completely embraced.
Some people are totally immobilized, and others recover completely.
He's essentially a guy who does a single that you must either buy completely or reject totally.
The old ways should not be totally dismissed either.
The notion of driverless vehicles is not totally absurd.
The idea of a totally automated society seems pretty inhumane.
Kudzu is totally out of control, and there is no easy or inexpensive way to stop it.
Crunchy on the outside, creamy and nutty inside, these fries are totally over the top.
Lying in bed, you're totally conscious, and you realize that strange things are happening.
Check out this totally gross video about snails and the parasites that take over their bodies.
It's not totally clear why users were returning the unit.
After all, it's natural not to feel totally at home in anything you do.
Others have seen their land almost totally submerged.
Other eclipses may be longer, but none will see the sun totally eclipsed for so long.
It was totally fascinating to see the world from this perspective.
We can't influence the former, but the latter is totally under our control.
Even if totally complete, the lower jaw would have fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.
Felt totally justified in buying three books yesterday.
But even this paradise hasn't remained totally pristine.
It was so much fun, and totally different than distilling a whole story into one single image.
It feels totally wrong for suggesting a kind of glove.
At busy times it is often not only slow but totally unusable.
Fish feeding in the area appear to be totally unaffected, yet sharks detect the substance in even minute proportions.
Powered by an array of photovoltaic panels, the retreat is totally energy independent.
The big question now is when the ice will disappear totally each summer.
Loaded with new features, this year's boots are all-new and totally upgraded.
The bicycle example you gave is totally inappropriate for this discussion.
Totally agree so called patriotism and radical religions need to stop banging the war drum.
My frozen-yogurt habit is getting totally out of hand.
But its inside is totally vacant of any useful substance.
The software produced a stutter-bark that sounded authentic but was totally different from the calls of any of the park's males.
Perhaps you can tell my why it is totally ignored by your page and all the others when it is so widely viewed.
Or go totally public--join groups, invite friends, write blogs.
Everyone knows that the adverse scenario is totally unrealistic.
But occasionally something totally new comes along-and finds us sitting ducks.
He had tinkered with it long enough to think it might not be totally unreliable.
The current government is totally inept- indeed it is rudderless.
That's a funny-and totally believable--story about zucchini.
It was a job for someone totally loyal to the system.
Allowing this to start all over again as if nothing had happened would be totally irresponsible.
It totally breaks my heart hearing about the killings.
Coming up with mould-breaking innovations is totally different from making incremental improvements.
The change of a leader could totally take away these rights.
The state, for years almost totally dependent on growth, has one of the deepest budget deficits in the country.
We should totally invite the second poster out for drinks.
They're totally legit too, didn't fall off the back of some truck.
Strange, then, that her later life was given up totally to others.
It's either the ultimate in couch comfort or a totally bizarre idea dreamed up by a pair of designers obsessed with neuroscience.
It was totally fine for them to give us short, abbreviated texts.
If totally deprived of shut-eye, humans ultimately perish.
Few animals can live totally in the dark, and penguins are no exception.
Three out of four adults were functionally illiterate and more than one in ten totally so.
Our insurance totally denied our claim for a prosthetic arm and they are quite expensive.
And some were totally oblivious to what was happening.
During the three-week expedition, the group has little contact with the outside world and must be totally self-sufficient.
Each roll of the die, each pull of the lever gives a result that is totally unrelated to the events that came before it.
And he did this all by sharing with everyone the results of his own creativity, totally.
And even the politics may not be totally intractable.
It is almost totally dry throughout the rest of the year.
University heads increasingly complain about students totally unprepared for higher education.
Instead of finding sprites, the team caught something totally unexpected.
Wow, what a totally awesome and informative article.
It's totally safe for the environment and leaves no garbage.
But the press totally failed to report that members of the market must have knowledge of the market.
The graphs show that methane absorbs photons that water vapor totally absorbs already.
But building a totally secure and reliable cloud-based system, or indeed any other kind of computer system, is impossible.
No herbicides on driveways, garden edges, curb edges and all the other destructive and totally unnecessary herbicide use.
But others are totally unexpected-another example of emergent properties.
The second was obnoxious and totally blew his interview in everyway possible.
They are prone to albinism, occasionally appearing totally white.
The butterfly effect is so small as to be totally irrelevant.
Totally think the manufacturing cost of the vehicle has to be considered too.
Because the scenery up here is totally different from down below.
They have fixed incomes and increasing rent, totally left at the mercy of the state.
Psychotherapy is a totally different, longer and expensive way for mind improvement.
And it looks as though our saffron crocuses, which failed totally last year, are finally going to blossom.
Acts injurious to others require a totally different treatment.
Anybody can live an almost totally oil-free lifestyle.
For me, even if the guidance counselors were totally ineffective, it made me feel better to know that they cared.
And you learned that pretty much all of your initial judgments about these characters were totally wrong.
But to such an extent that their traditional focus on teaching had been totally sidelined.
It is an area in which the primary intent of our policy has been totally frustrated.
He was a laughingstock, and he didn't seem to be totally in on the joke.
Today, these diseases are virtually or totally eradicated.
Until the completion of his general theory of relativity, he had dedicated himself almost totally to science.
In my mind's eye the concept looked brilliant, but in reality it was all too fussy and totally unreadable.
The basis for a two-state solution would not be totally removed.
While they are two totally different drinks, both are purported to wake the corpse.
It's totally sensible that we'll take the knowledge of the past and transport it to the present.
First, it totally subordinates one's life to an irrational need for spite.
Learning a new language by immersing yourself totally in its instruction is an excellent way to become fluent in it.
Keep your credibility in check by being totally truthful about your accomplishments and your net results.
Our parlor is never totally dark, because of the crucifix in the corner, which glows yellow-green.
He was not surprised to find the huge metropolis totally deserted.
As for paid political advertising, it's almost totally baneful.
Then it can take that information and spawn it into a totally spontaneous, self thinking conversation.
And when the air can't hold any more moisture because it's totally saturated or it cools down, you get condensation.
The rest of this article is opinionated and totally divorced from the indicated research.
Not totally convinced that roofs play as big a roll in energy consumption as indicated in the article.
Sadly, the human people are slow on the uptake, and totally self-interested.
Such people are totally self-centered and believe the world exists to serve their needs, period.
Weird how such an abundant energy source has been totally ignored for decades.
Females are darker than males, with dusky spotting, and never become totally white.
But the extra fingers would have been biologically inexpensive to maintain, so they didn't totally disappear.
He was totally bald, although he had buzzed his hair off himself, since he was going to go bald anyway.
Because if cut down tariffs and move out barriers, it means they will face a totally free market.
There never has been a totally free market economy or a totally mercantile one.
However their situations are totally different from each other.
Thanks for totally destroying the movie for those who haven't yet watched it with all your spoilers.
But people aren't willing to totally write off mainstream macro, so they look to the fringes of that blob.
They will feel it totally if there's no chicken in the pot.
The play of acid against richness is totally addictive.
The new generation is aware of everything, open to the world, and totally in favor of freedom and democracy.
The information that it contains is totally unreliable and surprisingly accurate.
What started out as totally intellectual, impractical experiments could help pave the way for a revolution in computing.
So it could be that we're made of quarks and electrons, while they're made up of totally different stuff.
If left unchecked, one molecule of the activator would start a runaway growth, leaving the shell totally colored.
The tools that work so well in one realm are totally inappropriate in another.
One reason it seems so strange is that our minds feel as if they are really totally self-contained.
There are about a billion people, largely in the developing world, who are dependent totally on rain-fed agriculture.
It would be better to stop sending rockets up and use the money to find and develop a totally different type of propulsion system.
For reasons still not totally understood, microorganisms cannot survive on fabrics treated with the polymer.
Her bags are gorgeous, green as can be, and totally affordable.
These delays are totally absurd for the short papers that they publish.
So you don't want to turn off your amygdala totally.
But researchers need to start with a preexisting protein, which makes it difficult to develop proteins with totally new functions.
Please do your research before making such sweeping, totally irrational statements.
We would be totally derelict in our responsibility to future generations by continuing to use this inevitably destructive fuel.
They would have to be totally robotic with minimal input from the user.
Capitalism has been totally corrupted by the economists' mantra that companies are run only for shareholders.
It would have to be someone who looks plausible in a beard or totally implausible.
Her father had been dodging reporters all week, but had seemed totally comfortable with this one.
They stuck us with a totally unwelcome job and left us hanging out to dry.
Totally unprepared, she ran to the bathroom and cried.
We're going to totally change your life and you have no power at all.
Carefully but critically, for it's simply not an option to be totally faithful to a fat novel.
In his conscious part of the brain, he totally forgot about it.
Him seeing his parents happy and at peace has totally changed him.

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