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The typical approach mentality of people today is to narrow down a problem, but miss the overall impact in the totality of things.
The totality of their evidence proves this with unswerving consistency.
Education is more than college, more even than the totality of your formal schooling, from kindergarten through graduate school.
They all have their place in the totality of the human search for understanding.
The totality of that is intimately related to the totality of the universe.
When the totality of sugar is digested, the yeasts are recovered to treat the next batch.
Holistic property is the result of never ending entanglement of all totality of quanta present in information space.
But the totality is comprised of its apparent parts.
Humor is not a reflection of the totality of cultural ideas on a topic.
But the totality of the suffering and horrific nature of genocide has to be evil in every instance.
Matters of science and spirit alike are, in their totality, beyond human comprehension.
It's the totality of your life and work that defends you.
The evidence comes from the totality of decades of work.
His music is simple in the sense that it has totality of personality.
In this situation, from a common law perspective, the totality leads us to the conclusion we're in a state of war.
On the ground, viewers in the full shadow's path-aka the path of totality-see the moon cover the sun's disk for several minutes.
And nowhere else can you get a better lesson in the totality of darkness and the miracle of light.
For in any private library, the totality of books is meaningful, while each individual volume is relatively meaningless.
He measured the totality of his existence in one word: performance.
Totality occurs at the place where sun does not exist in reality.
The totality of such events made it possible for you to get born, study such nonsense and ask questions.
Instead, it's something near the totality of available information.
It was the totality of the newspaper that was a marvel, not any of its particulars.
But, one must not confuse these strands of a religion with the sum totality of the religion.
We are well into totality and the light curves and spectroscopic data are showing some surprises.
The key is to remember that the relationship of one's sum totality of ancestors were critical in this calculation.
Both are equally successful in destroying more or less the totality of what they are designed to do.
The totality of your post falls in the latter category.
We educate and encourage them to value life, to care for the individual in totality: mind, body and spirit.
At totality and sunset the volumes of zooplankton in the surface waters decreased.

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