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Toss them in your reusable shopping bag and head to the market.
Once the water boils toss in a head or half head of cauliflower carefully cut into florets.
When it comes down to it, it's really the consumers job to determine when to toss food.
Apparently they've learned that the bread people toss to ducks and other waterfowl also attracts fish.
Everyone then takes one step back and returns the toss.
And sometimes, when they start coming, you toss them a marshmallow.
Plastic identification codes, also known as resin codes, help you figure out which bottles to toss into recycling collection bins.
Its job is to store only the important stuff and toss out what isn't useful.
Offices and public spaces make it increasingly easy to toss a newspaper or magazine you're done reading into a recycling bin.
Before you toss out clothing that is stained, doesn't fit or has gone out of style, consider ways to give it a new function.
Toss with your hands to evenly coat the crab pieces with the seasonings, and arrange them in an even layer.
Once a month she would sit and stare at him intently, toss hay, and even attempt to sit in his lap.
Mix the infused butter with the diced peaches and toss to combine.
It is a final time to toss out the old and ring in the new.
Toss arugula with salt and pepper and pile atop pesto.
As throws gained popularity, krewes got more creative in what they decided to toss.
We sit on the same balcony and watch the palms toss in a chilly breeze over the gray sea.
Season the mix generously with salt and toss to combine.
Feel your heart pound as park staff toss chicken to the gators.
Drop-off bins allow you to simply toss the items directly into the covered bin, saving the use of a plastic bag.
Place the container on the counter so it is convenient to toss scraps into as you prepare food.
Toss the milk, yogurt and similar items in an automated indoor composter.
Add the second batch of garbanzo beans to the first, toss with the paprika, and serve.
If you toss quarters in a piggy bank but rack up thousands of dollars in credit-card debt at the same time, then you're a spender.
When the pile gets higher than your coffee cup, toss the oldest paper.
Mix all the salad ingredients together in a bowl, add the dressing, and toss well to coat.
It's easy and fun to toss around terms and to use terms out of context, as is done here with user needs.
He brought handouts to illustrate his points and flipped them to the committee members as one might toss breadcrumbs to pigeons.
In large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients and toss.
People toss out acronyms that bounce off my brain and splat on the floor, unabsorbed.
She likes to argue that, given enough information and enough practice, she could even learn to control the toss of a coin.
Toss on a floured board, pat and roll lightly to one-half inch in thickness.
Toss on a floured board, pat, and roll to three fourths inch in thickness.
Toss on a floured board, pat, and roll out to one-half inch in thickness.
Toss on slightly floured board, and beat with rolling-pin thirty minutes, continually folding over the dough.
Add remaining ingredients, toss on a board sprinkled with powdered sugar, and roll to one-third inch in thickness.
Toss on floured board, pat, and roll to three-fourths inch thickness.
Toss one-half mixture at a time on slightly floured board and roll lightly to one-fourth inch thickness.
Chill, toss one-half mixture on a floured board, and roll one-eighth inch thick.
But it was possibly a toss-up-the scale hung almost even in that formative fourteenth century.
Plenty of room makes it easier to toss the contents.
Combine marinade and shrimp in a medium nonreactive bowl and toss to coat.
Dress the outdoor space with candles and potted blooms, and toss some fleecy throws on the chaise.
Blend all marinade ingredients in a blender then toss with slaw.
Add greens, peaches, and blackberries and toss gently to coat.
Toss them in sugar and spoon onto this extra-moist cake.
Toss the apricots with the lemon juice and granulated sugar and spread in the baking pan.
Toss kale leaves in olive oil and spread in a single layer on a large sheet pan.
With strainer, transfer chickpeas to several layers of paper towels to drain, then toss with spice mixture.
Will needed to retire an old surfboard and, not wanting to toss it, decided to turn it into an outdoor shower.
In a large bowl, toss greens gently but thoroughly with only enough dressing to coat.
Toss a few peaches on the grill and pull out the vanilla ice cream.
Cut the vegetables at home, make the dressing, then toss everything together when you're ready to eat.
Toss the fragrant leaves on the grill to flavor meats, or steep the flowers for lemonade.
We have a big stash of them, and toss out a handful in the afternoon as a treat.
Destroy slugs and snails or put them in a bag and toss them in the garbage.
Toss in the campaign contributions by the unions, and you have effectively brainwashed the voter.
They should have left bankers to toss and turn a little longer.
For so prominent a citizen to toss his hat into the ring would cause scarcely a shrug elsewhere.
Toss in a revision or two and it is conceivable that this might mark the start of a recession.
But then toss out the idea entirely, because it's sure to backfire horrendously.
They toss and turn, haunted by recurring nightmares about the deficit monster hiding under their bed.
Which is why, this year, we're advocating camera-toss photography.
The formal name was determined by the gracious winner of a coin toss.
Monty has given you information, so your second choice is not a blind coin toss.
Wildlife officials recommend that anyone who catches the river's fish toss them back uneaten, and swimming has been banned.
The water splashing off of poultry can toss bacteria around your entire food preparation area.
When they should toss the models and start using observed reality as the model and test for both ocean warming and no heat at all.
Its perfectly normal ocean: our arrival is greeted by angry waves that toss the ship about as rain squalls spatter by.
As for the rest of you godless hetero-couples reading this, toss your contraceptives and get busy in the bedroom.
At the last toss, the magician does not actually release the ball from his or her hand.
Anyone who has tried to master the three-ball-toss knows how difficult juggling is and how much practice it takes to learn it.
If there was any leaking onto the liner or the wrapper, you toss them into the laundry.
Since my example is unsatisfactory, allow me to toss the ball into your court.
If you toss this foam-covered ball skyward, an accelerometer inside determines when it has reached its maximum height.
The play that decided the game-and ultimately the season-was the overtime coin toss.
Grab it and toss it in your bag when you head out the door.
In a large bowl, toss the shrimp together with the oil, and season with salt and pepper.
Add the garlic, dried oregano, salt and pepper to taste and toss well to coat with the oil.
Sprinkle the lemon juice, vanilla, and lavender over the fruit and toss again.
When pasta is finished cooking, drain and toss with vegetables and cheese.
All that's left to do then is to toss in the shrimp, plate, and serve.
Toss the dressing gently but thoroughly into the salad.
Mathematicians advise that the only way to ensure a fair toss is to catch a coin cleanly in the air.
In a plastic bag, toss the sliced fennel with a few drops of lemon juice to prevent discoloration.
The coach's thought process, and that silly red flag beanie toss, play almost no part.
Place into a bowl and toss with sugar, lemon juice, corn starch and spices.
Toss until it begins to wilt slightly, and serve immediately.
If you know these characteristics, then you can quickly toss them into prime or subprime buckets.
Toss with the shrimp and let sit for an hour in the fridge.
Their wildly inconsistent application of the rule suggests that they really wanted to toss out evidence they found distasteful.
Increase the heat to high and toss until the pasta is well coated and hot.
Toss quickly to coat and pour onto the prepared baking sheet.
Pour the liquid over the cabbage mixture and toss well.
Toss the salad with the dressing and crumble the goat cheese on top.
So they're predisposed to toss in the extra song, or the oven mitt.
Toss them in the oil or pork fat and serve, adding a few drops of wine vinegar.
Toss the diced sweet potato with the salt, pepper, thyme and olive oil.
Two boys on a high wall toss rocks onto the train roof.
It's a patently false and misleading phrase and it diminishes the integrity of the people who toss it around.
She takes control of the farm and even acquires an unborn horse in a coin-toss.
Toss cubed squash with olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.
His talent is too ingrained to simply toss aside and forget.
We might as well not even show up for the coin toss.
Any given shot, this implies, is pretty much a coin toss.
The idea, as in deck tennis, is to toss the ring where the other side can't catch it.
It would ask too much of the audience to believe that her wobbly toss could belong to a top high-school quarterback.
Trivia toss-up tiebreaker in case of equally worthy patients:.
During the warmer months, they're likely to open the box and toss in a firecracker or two.
Feeling flush, they toss their waiter a five-cent tip.
Remove the splinters from the processor and toss with other ingredients.
Winning a coin toss is not the same thing as whether the coin comes up heads or tails.
From this point each photon continues its journey down one of two paths, either short or long-another type of quantum coin toss.
Toss one through a window and it can roll across almost any kind of surface while staying out of view.
But two things have changed that: for one, the solar system had a lot more rocks to toss at us back then.
It was not uncommon to sit down with him and toss out an initial idea for discussion.
Cosmologists are generally loath to toss twentieth-century cosmology into the dustbin.
Upon not finding that paragraph, they would toss the paper away.
Add half of dressing to cauliflower and toss to coat.
Toss bread cubes with butter in another bowl, then add pumpkin mixture and toss to coat.
Add cauliflower mixture and toss well, then add cheese and toss again.
Serve plain or toss with chili powder, or drizzle with garlic butter.
We pull the pan off the flame and toss in the ramps, shorn of their leaves.
Add arugula and cheese to remaining vinaigrette in bowl and toss to coat lightly.
Whisk together broth and egg, then pour over stuffing and toss well.
Toss together asparagus, oil, and a pinch of salt in a large bowl.
Toss spinach with enough dressing to coat and season with salt and pepper.
Toss cantaloupe and honeydew with half of dressing in a bowl.
The grains were dry and fluffy, welcoming and absorbing a tumble and toss in a zesty vinaigrette.
Discard vanilla pod, then toss butter with pear mixture.
Toss pork with pepper in a bowl and stir into sauce.
Toss crabmeat with dressing, tarragon, and chives.
Add the yolk mixture, toss the mixture until the liquid is incorporated, and form the dough into a ball.
Toss pasta with pea pesto and thin as desired with reserved cooking water.

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