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The calculations can be complicated by the tortuous accounting used to calculate the private-equity industry's returns.
Physically he had survived, but mentally he carried that tortuous ordeal until the day he died.
The pursuit turned out to be long and tortuous, leading at last to the vast forests of scholastic science.
The second has involved a tortuous row over imported second-hand cars.
No less tortuous, in this season for corporate hospitality, is the line between legitimate and illegitimate entertaining.
Many at the conference likened it to the tortuous process of conquering addiction.
The directive has, after all, been a tortuous ten years in the making.
His goal was simple and clear, and yet the road toward it was tortuous beyond imagination.
Here's an example: suppose you have a long, tortuous expression in which there are a frighteningly large number of variables.
Additionally, social systems are complex enough that they may take a tortuous and circuitous route back toward equilibrium.
Trying to figure out how our solar system formed by looking at meteorites can be tortuous.
No doubt this will be a week of tense and tortuous negotiation.
His recipes are tortuous to follow, his ingredients are obscure, and he's never available for interview.
And that's a lesson both sides learned two decades later in their tortuous peace process.

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