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The desert tortoise was declared an endangered species today because it is threatened by a respiratory disease.
Cheating in sports might be as old as the race between the tortoise and the hare.
Red-footed tortoises in the wild live a typically lonely tortoise life, without even being cared for by their parents.
It seems to be the tortoise that always wins the race.
In the fable, the tortoise wins the race because the hare takes a nap.
After all, there is no need to spend time wondering if the world sits on the back of an giant tortoise.
Right now, my vision of him seems to be that of a particularly eloquent tortoise keeping his neck safely within his shell.
The tortoise shells surrounded the remains of individuals who the scientists say were shamans.
Subsequently, the tortoise or some fleeting particle must always have extent to exist in any real sense.
Tortoise minds are uniquely suited to tortoise environments.
Get involved by adopting a tortoise or enrolling in an educational program.
So: you're a tortoise and you typically spend your time alone.
It is the hare to the good bacteria's tortoise, a weed in the plowed field.
Imagine the ribs of a reptile broadening and fusing to become the bony back-plate of a tortoise.
We might as well argue that a tortoise would never race a hare in nature.
If the tortoise is in immediate danger, pull your car over and stop in a safe place.
Carefully place your fingers under and thumbs on top of the tortoise's shell, grasping it on the sides.

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