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But in one category there is a business school that stands head, shoulders, torso and trunk above the rest.
The skeleton consists of a virtually complete skull, the entire torso and parts of the arms and legs.
To turn, you twist your torso and then simply point forward with one hand to walk in a direction.
His intelligent portrayal was marred only by a slight stiffness in the torso.
Well-pumped lats and pecs bulge out of a short polo-necked torso.
His torso is curved as if swaying to music only he hears.
Now imagine being able to rotate your torso as you swing.
The torso and hitting arm are positioned to enter the backswing.
Admiration goes deeper than sun-kissed wing markings and a jazzy polka-dot torso.
The dust kicked up immediately behind its torso on the slope.
Keep your arms and shoulders rigid, so the swing can originate at the torso.
After both arms were gone, the doctors moved on to the legs until only a head and torso remained.
The boyfriend pillow is half a torso and an arm that wraps around you while you snooze.
The finished piece resembles an ocean-dwelling crustacean with a human torso emerging from its thorax.
The animal looked comically out of proportion, with a stretched-out skull that dwarfed its torso and hind limbs.
Traditional sleeping bags tend to hug the human torso as if it were a piece of meat between two slices of bread.
Sterile towels covered his face and entire torso except for a large rectangle perfectly framing the incision area.
Only part of his torso remained, his neighbor reported.
It's a jet engine strapped to a fragile, easily crushed human torso.
Keep adding more rows until the panel is large enough to cover your entire torso.
The abbreviated shirts and sweaters expose anywhere from an inch to a foot of torso.
Highly adjustable harness system with interchangeable waist straps and adjustable torso length.
The other three play tug of war with a stick, rehearsal for future battles over a topi's haunch or a gazelle's torso.
On a snowboard, the torso's natural position is more or less perpendicular to the direction of motion.
The skull and spine were realigned, bringing the head and torso into a vertical line over the hips and feet.
Much of it is transferred to the torso and the hands and, above all, the head.
Using our controller, the simulated robot is able to perform complex torso movements commonly seen in belly dancing as well.
The same is true of my torso, with the result that backache from inertia and pressure is a chronic irritation.
It was a horrendous job-for instance, the bodice had been glued to the wax torso and then partly smeared with more wax.
Her gun hand came down, her torso twisted slightly in the seat, and she slumped toward the driver's door.
Lift into pushup position, keeping torso and legs stiff.
From that point on, his torso remains so central a character it should be given its own credit line.
Coordinating motions between the hands, arms, torso and base of a robot is no easy task.
One was so mangled that his torso faced the sky and his legs faced the ground.
When she stands up, the torso seems to collapse into itself.
The torso stays lively, bending forward and backward or twisting right and left, then the entire physique is involved.
And instead of corsets gripping the torso or diaphanous dresses, the new shapes skim the figure gracefully.
They almost always throw underarm because they cannot use hip rotation to accelerate the torso during an arm swing.

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