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Yet the car's surge of electric torque is seamless, enough to leave yellow cabs in our wake.
Having access to such a wide torque band eliminates the need for a second or third gear in the transmission.
The astronauts were forced to increase the torque of their instruments to remove the bolt, an extremely risky maneuver.
The key elements that make a solid disc rotate are torque and surface stress.
However, you do need to know the direction of the torque for this example.
Replacing the torque converter seal and adding caps to openings in both sides of the housing should provide a seal.
It is part of a current system forced by the torque exerted on the ocean by the wind field.
It consumes no gas, releases zero-emissions from its tailpipe, and has lots of high torque for a zippy pick-up on the road.
And there are no gears to shift-it's all torque from the second you press down on the accelerator.
Since he is not rotating, the total torque about any point must also add up to zero.
The car is super responsive, with lots of torque and style.
Most are quick off the mark, thanks to the ability of an electric motor to deliver torque almost instantly.
The same thumb damage can result during a fall while skiing, from the torque of the pole strap.
For the angular momentum principle, the change in angular momentum is equal to the net torque.
Since the human is not rotating, the net torque about any point is zero.
Generally, the larger drills have more powerful motors than the smaller drills so they can deliver more torque.
All runners use gravitational torque when accelerating.
They're smooth, they're powerful and they've got loads of torque.
But it isn't the horsepower that impresses, it's the torque.
Powerful, instant torque from a beefed-up electric motor.
Not bad at all, and with all that torque instantly available, it will be plenty snappy off the line.
They follow fixed routes, they're stored in centralized locations and they benefit from loads of torque.
Really low, and you have a low range in the transmission for really slow, high torque pulling.
They also put some torque on the reading experience.
There are two, one for each rear wheel, with torque vectoring to improve the handling.
These hubs move blades in two different directions, eliminating the torque effect.
The additional torque required to drive wood screws bogged it down, draining its battery in a hurry.
If there is too much torque, the driver will need to use energy to keep the car on track.
Another better way to look at this is to compare torque.
Relying on chemistry instead of torque and heat, the relaxer seemed more worldly, more civilized and refined.
The motors accordingly exert less torque, dropping the extender back on your arm.
It's usually caused by a gravitational torque, an off-center tug, from a nearby galaxy.
Another thing is that many hooping tricks involve grabbing the hoop which is why she's able to stop it without violent torque.
Electric motors have instant torque vs combustion engines which take time to rev up.
Gas engines deliver their peak torque--the key to acceleration--only within a limited range of engine speeds.
And towers require materials that have strength under torque.
All this information is relayed to the operator as torque applied to the master robot's joystick.
Because an electric motor that has to provide enough torque to drive a vehicle without gears has a large diameter.
There are common faults that need more than two accelerometers to discern, such as off-plane movement and non-zero wrist torque.
Fast and light with lots of torque anywhere on the rpm band.
In fact, electric motors produce lots of torque, so even those with feeble horsepower can be quick off the line.
Torque is definitely in the grand tradition of biker pics.
Large engines are able to consume fuel closer to their epa ratings than small engines because of their inherent torque capacity.

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