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Example sentences for torpid

Contemporary avian and mammalian scavengers aren't exclusively torpid and slow.
They usually sit in little tents, and make holes in the ice from which they capture torpid fish.
It is as if some moribund heiress had endowed a torpid old desert sheik, already stupefied by riches, with another million.
What the ban has done is make an already torpid political struggle even duller.
It is also as ostentatious and full of torpid hot air.
They are diurnal but may become torpid in their burrows during the winter.
Animals were found to be quite torpid but capable of swimming.
The ears are often curled when the bats are at rest or torpid, resembling ram horns.
They require frequent feeding during the day and become torpid at night.

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There are several attitudes towards Christmas, Some of which we may disregard: The social, the torpid, the ... more
A wise writer will feel that the ends of study and composition are best answered by announcing undiscovered regions of t... more
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