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His eye was torn open and the optical nerve laid bare.
Familiar stores are gone, and many public buildings have been torn down and rebuilt.
One disadvantage of water spouts is that they can be torn apart by the wind.
But his ribs were bruised, and the muscle was torn from his rib cage.
Torn tendons, muscles and ligaments plague athletes in many types of sports.
Rectangular holes in the tail show where the fabric coverings were torn away.
It can be tacked to a corkboard, torn to shreds, or shown to friends.
All vegetation was torn away, leaving mud and red dirt exposed.
And it is understandable why a building which has experienced unusual horror and violence to be torn down.
Greenlanders themselves seem torn about climate change.
It probably outlined the piece of torn cartilage that was laying in the spot it was torn from.
The article was unfortunately in a torn magazine and he couldn't find out its ending.
Pretty nifty tool if you're really torn between the two giants.
Eventually everyone will be in new apartments, but their old ones will be torn down and rebuilt.
My leg was crushed and some of the calf muscle was torn off.
Three of her exterior gondolas were torn away, and the airship broke in two.
Paper clips fall off, torn and folded corners don't work.
So he had it torn down and its supervisors executed.
Four hospitals in the city were seriously damaged by the storm, and the roof was torn off a nursing home, she said.
Some manuscripts have yellowing, torn pages with notes scrawled around the margins.
People with old spinal cord injuries have torn and detached tissues that have been encapsulated by scar tissue.
My brother had a dog that came up all torn up in the past three months.
Prefab construction tends to conjure up visions of mobile homes being torn apart by hurricanes.
It's then back to the lab, where the vehicle gets torn apart, repaired and rebuilt.
You'll be taught how to pump out the bilge and repair torn sails.
Since then, the forint has see-sawed and monetary policy has looked confused, torn between its conflicting objectives.
The entire team is now really torn between the desire to complete the experiment and the fear of losing a shark in the process.
Perhaps the book was bound to be flawed, given the pace with which today's crisis has torn through the markets.
One goal is to prevent older houses from being torn down.
It seems an odd choice of words to describe anything in this war-torn region.
We are torn between keeping some to eat and letting them go.
When a planet is torn apart, the fragments fly into different directions.
Eventually the plant will be torn down and the site cleaned up.
Doctors then inject the cells to treat fractures, torn tendons and other ailments.
He was afterwards torn by beasts, and placed on an iron chair and roasted.
However, wood has a finite life whether in buildings or in the scrap heap after the building has been torn down.
Repairs to the existing fence have been an exercise in futility, as mended segments are often torn down within hours.
The magnificent civilization that had built the great pyramids had lost its way, torn apart by petty warlords.
Distribute prunes over duck, pour liquid on top, sprinkle with toasted pine nuts and torn parsley.
He, lanky and rumpled in torn jeans and gray fleece sweater, sits on the floor.
The old, torn, and faded look never really caught on here.
She was limp, a rag doll, the left side of her face mostly torn off.
On the patio, a torn fishing net waits to be mended.
If a leg pops out at night or the fabric is torn, mosquitoes can still reach the skin.
The fan is torn in half but what was written on it remains memories of departure.
Jocks, lots of jocks, plead for quick cures for strained muscles or torn tendons.
The scab of the old wound will be torn off, and the media and the general public will go nuts all over again.
It left him with torn ligaments in his right knee and resulted in reconstructive surgery.
In a war-torn land, a foreign correspondent finds solace in food.
It is wrestling and chewing and punching that end with clothes torn and participants spent.
Eventually it self-destructs and cannot be torn down, meaning that you have sacrificed a tree in exchange for stronger armaments.
Torn posters decorate the walls and the shelves are overloaded with toppling books.
He was torn between the idea that you could go to a heaven where all would be well and the logic that defies that.
Most had wide swaths of flesh torn from their sides, which were oozing blood.
If the back alleys are cleaned up and the abandoned buildings torn down, the drug users will go away.
And then he was torn between wanting her saved and wanting her dead so that his gift would be saved.
All the people whose insides have been torn out by misery identify with her, and she is singing for all of them.
Forgotten are the families torn apart by lengthy and multiple deployments.
Hence the often-torn drug posters, teddy bears, and countertop clutter.
Now our jobs are gone, our houses are getting taken away, and our families are being torn apart.
Much of it has entailed a scramble for resources, often in conflict-torn areas.
In riot-torn districts, the police were widely hated.
Even torn, scratched and partially missing surfaces can be read.
He remembered the streets thronged with people who were torn between excitement and dread.
If they were branches of a tree weighed down with snow, they would be torn from the trunk in the first breeze.
It is torn, intrigued by its new possibilities but painfully aware that alone it does not count for much in the world.
They have torn up the book on society and re-written it.
Bogans underwent successful surgery to repair a fractured left ankle and torn deltoid ligament before getting released.
It had been widely reported as a torn anterior cruciate ligament and a torn medial collateral ligament, sustained in a tackle.
Spurrier wasn't specific about the injury, other than saying it involved torn ligaments and cartilage damage.
Shredded, torn and piled one on top of another, he renders them both distasteful and somehow comforting.
Pathological societies in the world are always torn by a search for new scapegoats.
Programs available for veterans returning from war-torn countries.

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