tormentor in a sentence

Example sentences for tormentor

Now new insights into the mechanisms behind the condition may at last help us control that formidable tormentor.
The tormentor would then drop the accused onto the pyramid penetrating both orifices.
But few of them could hide their admiration for their tormentor.
Finally, she says it's water, but her tormentor still wins when he makes her admit she doesn't know what the letters stand for.
Her tormentor told her she was chosen for her beauty.
His tormentor occupies a prominent position at a major opera house.
The poor wretch turned and looked at his tormentor and his lips slightly opened, but he did not struggle.
His long trunk was suddenly twisted around the body of his nearest tormentor.
Your professional people made fun of a guy that got scanned until he became unhinged and attacked his tormentor.

Famous quotes containing the word tormentor

I teazed him with fanciful apprehensions of unhappiness. A moth having fluttered round the candle, and burnt itself, he ... more
The masochist: "I send my tormentor hurrying hither and thither in the service of my suffering and desire."... more
[There is a] no-win decision that innumerable people make, or try to make, or try to put off making daily: Whether to gi... more
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