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Demonstrators tore down two lampposts, one falling into a crowd.
Unfortunately, the jets also tore apart hillsides and riverbeds, many of which are still barren.
The wildlife division trapped deer for one day, and quit because the bait attracted the hogs, which tore up the traps.
Government programs bought condemned homes and tore them down.
Amid all this were two letters of scorn, which she tore to pieces.
The bag tore within about an hour of use, dumping the cardboard pen into the slush.
And when it rained, he simply tore off a few large banana leaves to cover his head.
She tore down the runway toward him with open arms, her spirits-and feet-flying.
Thousands of online volunteers tore through the images over the weekend.
They tore the leaves off the plant and swallowed them whole, and the leaves were then processed in the animals' guts.
The crew lost control of the ship, which pitched and yawed violently until the strain finally tore her apart.
However, eventually some water damaged my envelope and one day the tricks tore out the bottom and spilled everywhere.
The effect would have been as though a lousy cosmic golfer tore up a giant chunk of turf and sent it hurtling into orbit.
Not far beneath the surface, jagged towers of coral tore into the ship's hull and held the vessel fast.
He twisted and tore his knee and doctors recommended surgery.
Wind gusts tore tents from their moorings and forced his team to retreat to lower elevations, he wrote.
He tore out of there, but not before grabbing the food we'd stashed outside in the snow.
Ravens flew in, sat on his wounded hip, and tore pieces of his flesh while he feebly tried to repel them.
White eruptions tore off the tops of the waves and streamed their shoulders in long streaks of foam.
Cross, one of the best blocking tight ends in football, slightly tore a ligament in his knee during the preseason.
The big cyclone came first, and tore things to pieces.
Then they got back to their hooch, and tore off their gear.
The hole it tore out of the sea vaporized, the spray driven downwind.
Earlier this year he tore a ligament in his knee which required orthopedic surgery.
He was so freaked out that he tore through it and got out.
Moments later, bullets tore into the bridge, and vapor trails from rocket-propelled grenades streaked across the bow: pirates.
The car's walls buckled, and steel debris tore up through the floor.
It so happened that there was a bra-and-panty factory in town, and the tornado tore it up.
With a sharp object-a nail file, a pen, or your teeth-make new holes in top hem next to the ones that tore through.
Louis tore the little fellow's head off in a paranoid rage.
Carter tore his bag along the seams and placed it on his tray table as a kind of plate.
Prisoners divided by race and tore furniture apart to make weapons.
Our defeat tore us apart in a world of conflicting ideologies, none of which was a product of our national spirit.
They tore forward in a flying wedge, swinging their clubs at people in the way.
The explosions tore the island apart, and killed tens of thousands of people.
Incandescent rocks sizzled past his head, fractured his skull, broke his jaw and both legs and tore off his left ear.
When the rig sank, the riser tore loose and collapsed to the sea floor.
The impact of the blast cleaved his tongue in two and tore open his abdomen from rib cage to navel.
The atmosphere is dense, but something must have reached the surface before friction tore it up.
The thought of their unimaginable anguish tore me up.
The wolf let out a triumphal howl from a merry throat and kissed the sheep with jaws that tore not.
In decision after decision, his administration tore at the web of arms control treaties that had grown up over four decades.
Saying this, he tore off her veil to discover her face.
He wrenched off the garment, but it stuck to his flesh, and with it he tore away whole pieces of his body.
And she tore off her stockings: but the shoes had grown fast to her feet.
The chief sacrificer next tore out her heart and devoured it.
We tore up and bagged half a dozen rails, with chairs and spikes complete.
They search to find the single factor that tore our world apart.
Some of his followers had, and they tore into the actor.
So the foxes snuck up on the wolf and quickly tore out his throat.
The storm tore down power lines, toppled trees and ripped up roofs.
In last year's opener, he tore his right biceps tendon and was out our for the year.
That's part of the reason he initially tore down his career.
They tore open the second pump case to form another rain catcher.
He also said that she fought off medics and tore out an intravenous drip.
But sources close to her say she tore the note up immediately, and flatly deny that she ever faked a suicide attempt.
The winds tore down hundreds of trees and sent dumpsters and other small objects sailing through the air.
Three-ply plywood panel construction tore at its inner ply seam.
At the national cemetery in the capital, a mob tore apart the late dictator's marble- and-granite mausoleum.

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