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As one torch guttered, they used it to light another.
For instance, a mobile phone may include a torch-light for poorer customers and a fancy camera for the better-off.
Gill, who wore the campus uniform: khaki pants and a polo shirt stamped with the college's name and torch logo.
He was always careful to keep his torch pointed at the floor if he was there at night and to leave no trace of his visit.
Engineers have developed an efficient torch for blasting garbage with a stream of superheated gas, known as plasma.
The showy lantern tower of the tallest spire glowed with a nighttime torch when the king was in.
And while the acetylene torch can leave behind molten metal to fuse back together, the oxy-gas torch makes a clean cut.
Ionized hydrogen flickers a pale violet, and the welding torch ignites it into a pale blue flame.
Heat the flask's bottom with a propane torch until the water boils gently.
If you carry a second mobile phone, make sure it has a torch.
Also useful in the wallet is a tiny credit-card shaped torch.
Later, go for a swim in one of the inn's two torch-lit pools under clear desert skies, or catch an outdoor movie.
Across the country, builders are competing fiercely for anyone who can wield a hammer, trowel or welding torch.
We take a torch, shine it on the sail to make ourselves more visible.
The songs in the musical and the movie-jazz, ragtime, the torch song-were sung directly to the audience.
Never use a torch or flame to try to melt an ice clog.
Newt deflates when he doesn't have his pitchfork, torch carrying crowd behind him.
Further up the beach a puma appeared in our torch beam and slunk off to hide behind a dead tree trunk.
So it's only natural to wonder who's taking care of the novel--who's taking up the torch and where exactly they're taking it.
While such leaks may develop in any part of a torch system, they generally occur at the joints and connections.
It's smooth sailing now that the torch has been lit.

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