topside in a sentence

Example sentences for topside

Certainly, for fish that spend their lives along the sea bottom, having both eyes topside confers a survival advantage.
Survivors caught topside during the blast are in an especially precarious situation.
Device beeps every single time you raise or lower the volume with the topside controls.
Your catamaran has four double and two single cabins plus an indoor eating area and a topside al fresco table.
These watches afford me a good chance to get up topside and grab some of that fresh air.
Flatfish with their eyes topside wear mottled camouflage so spot-on that they hide in plain sight.
The tether conveys guidance information from the pilot topside and video images from the deep.
The topside of the cargo ship had to be fitted with a metal grid, a so-called spar deck, to hold the containers.
The arrangement of spines on the topside forms a netlike pattern.
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