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Towers could be square or round, with either crenellated tops or conical roofs.
As one put it, there was altogether too much display of the tops of heads as speakers bent over to read their prepared talks.
They've survived for millennia in desert, in the permafrost, at the tops of mountains and at the bottom of the ocean.
Foods from trees may have been less vital, as was sleeping in the tree tops.
In those few weeks before they flower, ramps can be harvested for their green tops and bulbs.
From the turnoff, both can be seen on the tops of nearby peaks.
Stop cutting off their tops to get to the coal and minerals underneath.
Although colleges often provide computer labs now, many students have their own lap tops or desktops.
The goats gave us permission to scratch the tops of their heads.
Tops on its wish list: a loosening of restrictions on students' use of federally subsidized student loans.
He tells us his athletes are tops in the nation in academic progress.
Peel six small firm tomatoes, and remove pulp, having opening in tops as small as possible.
By brushing tops of rings with beaten yolk of egg diluted with one teaspoonful water, they will have a glazed appearance.
In harvesting, when the in-gathering is complete, a few blades of corn left for the purpose have their tops tied together.
From the hill-tops, they shaded, our shores to defend.
Swarms of carrion crows settle on the tops of the trees, and with loud croaks announce the bill of fare of the tempting banquet.
Older shrubs are attractive trained as trees, pruned and shaped to show their curving trunks and umbrella-shaped tops.
After the tops die down completely, the mature potatoes are ready to dig.
The tops of both of these falls actually freeze at night, the ranger tells us.
Given sufficient water vapor to reach saturation, clouds can form at the tops of the rising plumes.
Even more curious, large, hornlike crests rise from the tops of their skulls.
Our mountain tops are being flattened for nothing more than a years worth of coal for a few sites, runoff ends up inside us.
The temperature reaches a minimum at the cloud tops suppressing vertical mixing.
Otherwise, compost bins with wire tops or sealed lids work well too, but require a little more manual labor in terms of stirring.
It regularly tops client polls for custody services and securities lending.
There is a strict uniform code, and pupils must remove hooded tops and caps as they arrive.
It's not impossible that financial market shenanigans have added a bit to the tops and bottoms of market swings.
Then, with a duster, she would brush the dust off all the tops and all the surfaces.
Experiments were small enough to fit onto the tops of tables.
The walls sport a fresh coat of white paint, and the bench tops are shiny and bare.
The tracking boxes were actually mounted to the tops of the troughs.
Hoist big weights to the tops of towers between wall sections.
Some how it seems to me that turning building roof tops into solar farms would be better land use.
Spare parts and old projects rest on tables, counters, and cabinet tops.
Once you've gathered your ingredients all you need to do is roll out your dough, using the ring of the mason jar cut out tops.
My thought was to stop stopping using only the bottoms to the exclusion of eating the tops.
We do not strap our dogs to the tops of cars in this state.
Peel shrimp and combine peels, onion skins, and tops in a stock pot.
If the tops start to brown too much, put a sheet of parchment paper or aluminum foil on top.
And he was tired of relying on the makeshift grill tops used at campsites those days.
Go through the tomatoes and cut off the tops so there are no stems remaining.
Now think of the scenes we've been seeing of boats and ships resting on the tops of buildings.
To the west, something appeared, so far away that it could be glimpsed only from the tops of the swells.
Stand zucchini and peppers in pot, leaning them against each another and wedging pepper tops among them to keep them upright.
The important thing with leeks is to distinguish their two parts-the white section at the base and the coarser green tops.
Brush tops with oil and space evenly on baking sheet.
Pull off tops and tails of gooseberries and halve berries lengthwise.
Cut off dark green tops of leeks and trim root ends.
Miniature beets with their tops arrive with dollops of fresh ricotta and walnut oil.
Into the pan went a pile of asparagus stalks, sliced thin on the bias, and the tops in larger pieces.
Spoon batter evenly into pans, smoothing tops, then rap pans once or twice to expel any air bubbles.
Drizzle berries with more syrup and arrange biscuit tops on berries.
Our good eating is on the beaches and the cliff tops, on our wharfs and promenades.
Cake tops get a glucose wash for a big shine, then are decorated with almonds and cherries.
The warriors scampering across the tops of trees were held by invisible wires.
The tricky part was that the message had to fit on taxi tops.
It was a beautiful spring day, with a high, cool wind blowing through the tops of the trees.
Spaghetti-strap tank tops and short shorts are not allowed.
When you want a bigger table, you lift the top table off, and the result is two tables with thinner legs and thinner tops.
The explosion vaporized the incoming rock, and that debris blasted upward and rained down on the cloud tops, discoloring them.
The two red spots appear more white than red, because their tops hover high above the surrounding clouds.
These studies have already turned up a new, unexpected belt tucked between the innermost ring and the planet's cloud tops.
It's as if all the tops in the world could only spin clockwise.
The data is the same, but cold cloud tops are usually shown as white.
Some of that dry ice sits at the tops of cliffs, and when it thaws it dislodges the material there.
During subduction, the solid rock that tops tectonic plates can get locked.
All the bottles and tops are nonrecyclable, and all come in a cardboard box that is then shrink-wrapped.
His latest book on herbal medicine, nutrition, and well-being tops the best-seller lists.
The lancet fluke drives its insect hosts up to the tops of plants so that grazing mammals may eat them.
Four brilliant kids, tops in almost everything they ever tried, became instant klutzes.
The first take-out toilets were old ammunition cans with watertight screw tops.
In such a pose, they could lift their heads to the tops of five-story trees.
Top unsalted tops saltine crackers with peanut butter, sliced cheese, or fruit for a quick snack.
The tops of the dark mountains were panelled brightly with ice.

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