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Example sentences for topple

During spells of heavy rain and strong winds, large trees may even topple.
Mature trees topple, taking building chunks with them.
It looks as if it would take little more than a strong breeze or a good push to topple some of their more prominent features.
Now a new finding may topple another pillar of the theory.
The reactors did not fail or topple or become dislodged because of the earthquake or tsunami.
The findings underscore the mosaic nature of the remains, and threaten to topple a leading model of human evolution.
If the pressure is set too low, the plane may not stop soon enough and so topple off the end of the deck into the sea.
Both are insurgencies seeking to topple the government, both are drug-fueled.
If the tree was really a tree, it would topple immediately to one side.
Some of the old monarchies and religious regimes begin to topple.
Officially they are charged with attempting to topple the government and spreading false news.
Officials say he will be charged in a court martial with conspiring to topple the government.
If the demonstrators were to topple the government, they could draw on capable technocrats to form an interim administration.
Unless he withdraws that support, the only route that could topple the prime minister would seem to run through the courts.
Steering sensors and a computer conspire to make sure you don't topple over when you pop a wheelie.
Champion of free minds and markets, she helped topple the welfare state and make the world safer for capitalism.
During a fire, floors can cave in and walls can topple.
Glazing from ice storms can topple utility lines and poles, and make travel virtually impossible.
Ice storms can topple utility lines and poles, and make travel virtually impossible.
He wanted the bomb to topple one tower, with the collapsing debris knocking down the second.
Also, do not store the boat on ground that is prone to become saturated because it could topple the boat.
When infection occurs on seedlings, they topple over from stem infection.
Brace your water heater to minimize the risks of fire and water damage caused by water heaters that topple during earthquakes.
Because of the damaged bracing, the ventilation stack could topple in an earthquake or high winds.
Don't stop where buildings can topple down on top of you.
Without a bracing system, the posts will topple over and the house will collapse to the ground.
Strong ground shaking could topple and break bottles and cans containing hazardous materials.
They topple corals and other upright organisms and can cut into the reef.
Eventually old plants die and topple over, opening the canopy for seedling establishment.
They can cause more damage or topple weakened structures.

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