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Lightly press topping onto dough and use a knife to cut a pattern into the topping, but not into the bread.
Because a new study shows that topping off your car battery at night generates less ozone.
Topping the list of hot technologies are smart phones and other mobile devices.
Garnish with additional dill before topping with remaining slices of toast, if desired.
You'll need to leave the dough for an hour to rise before for spreading out and topping.
One evening, a special of halibut was served with a feathery brioche topping and intense, flavorful tomato water.
And in each group a different song ended up topping the charts.
For example, topping evolution's list of fun- fruits-yet-to-go-mainstream is the little-known rambutan.
And its ebook sales are the sole reason it is now topping bestseller lists.
Topping off an over sized battery bank introduces losses in power.
Be generous with amounts, and chill brownies so that the topping sets.
Salty prosciutto is balanced with tender bites of sweet figs in this elegant topping combination.
Dolloped with an equally simple fruit topping, it completely satisfies my craving.
Make the streusel topping for this easy crisp at home and get help slicing apples from friends at the campsite.
Squeeze the topping into shaggy chunks and scatter over the apricots.
Here we've used an amber-ale brine for a tangy echo to a sweet onion marmalade topping.
If it's unavailable, use a thick caramel sauce or caramel ice cream topping.
Asparagus hides under the golden cheese topping of this easy supper dish.
Start with simple bread dough, then choose from a variety of topping combinations for this fun outdoor dish.
We've used them in a burger topping, in layered salads, and we've even stuffed them with herbed cream cheese.
Roast them with sage leaves and little oil, and you've got a crisp and ingenious topping.
The majority of collectors do not find a topping of dust enhances the artistic image.
The ice cream and topping are so good that you don't even need to agonize over the short cake.
In a bowl mix the egg yolks and sugar, keeping a teaspoon for topping the cakes.
We give the puffs an added crunch by topping them with an impossibly thin sheet of shortbread dough before baking.
Chefs are using them as a topping in sweet or savory situations to add a bit of crunchy texture.
Turn cake out onto the rack and serve either with ganache, or your favorite topping.
The pamphlet came to an abrupt end, topping my spirits from manic to depressive.
Blanched, they might make a lovely topping for bruschetta, with some lemon and herbs.
The greens cooked this way would also make a good topping for pasta, or a side dish for some kind of meat-based main course.
So will fresh fruit, which is better used as a topping.
Topping it all is a sauté of mushrooms with some herbs thrown in.
The other is a way of topping up the level of the healing molecules once some of them have been used.
But at times of high demand or low rainfall, hydropower needs topping up with thermal supplies, mostly natural gas.
And those doing the topping-up are unlikely to be from poor families.
The difficulties may not end with a topping-up of reserves.
Use a spoon to place cherry pie filling on top of the whipped topping.
While the dough is chilling, prepare the topping and filling.
In the case of deer, the need for topping up calcium levels is obvious when there's a new set of antlers to grow each year.
It's so big that its sweet biscuit topping has to be stirred with canoe paddles.
For the peach topping heat the butter with the paprika over medium heat for three minutes.
Sensors in the early part of tanking and near the topping off phase must read normal in order for the launch to proceed.
Chill, if desired, and serve as an appetizer with tortilla chips or as a topping or accompaniment for any dish.
Topping off accounts is where things get interesting.
Spoon batter over pineapple topping and spread evenly.
Spoon the filling into the chilled shell, smoothing the top, and crumble the topping evenly over it.
But with its bounty of tangy raspberries and topping of cinnamon-walnut streusel, this buckle isn't so far from coffeecake.
The rich topping is offset by the tangy lemon filling, which creates the perfect duo of sweet and sour tastes.
Bianco came out and flashed a modest smile, then immediately got to work stretching and topping pies.
Topping is a practice that includes the cutting of main branches to stubs.
Topping also invites decay and infestation by insects.
Cool and cover until ready to serve with fresh fruit topping.
Topping refineries have a crude distillation column and produce naphtha and other intermediate products, but not gasoline.
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