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Being in a more research-driven setting has prodded me to submit more articles to topmost journals.
On the topmost floor, the builders marked out the positions of columns, walls and doorways.
On the topmost of these terraces the king took his stand on the eventful day.
The queen of this hive was laying her eggs in the topmost box.
Finally, the third and topmost layer consists of a new kind of armour.
Given the gradient of warmth in the nest, the topmost turtles should hatch well before their siblings at the bottom.
The point is that for some time the center of gravity for achievement has been shifting away from the topmost colleges.
It is located in specialized cells scattered through the topmost layer of skin.
The topmost layer of an aquifer is known as the water table.
White pine weevil is an insect that kills the topmost shoot and often causes the tree to have multiple stems and a round profile.
In both cases, the green atoms would become the atoms in the topmost layer of the surface.
The total height of the tree is considered to be the distance between the base of the tree trunk and the topmost twig.
In bird lists they are placed at the back of the book because they occupy the topmost branch of the family tree of birds.

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