top ten in a sentence

Example sentences for top ten

Thanks to the benefits of their low population densities they took seven of the top ten slots.
Yet this overall progress masks some backtracking among a handful of countries, notably within the top ten.
It seemed that reading slowly dropped out of their top ten activities to do.
Eg you were accepted to a top ten program in some field.
Well the guides have been launched today, and include the top ten picks from our readers.
The article does say that these didn't make the top ten.
One is called the top ten ways gender studies can be misleading, and another asking if gender studies are accurate.
The top ten always get a mention by the general press.
And for the record, here were the top ten posts by traffic.
Most of your peers in graduate school, even if you went to a top ten research university, are not going to get faculty jobs.
List off the top ten universities you can think of in this country.
Physics isn't a laundry list of pseudo political top ten ideas from x field versus y field.
Realistically, though, either would succeed by breaking into the top ten at worlds.
In this regard, the top ten common violations are listed below.
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