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However, top dressing fertilizer is currently scarce.
Top dressing means to spread a thin layer of compost on top of the existing lawn.
Inorganic top dressing includes gravel, river rock, and decomposed granite.
Grades and prepares base paths, applies top dressing, lays sod and seeds athletic infield and outfields.
Inorganic top dressing may include gravel, river rock, and decomposed granite.
Organic top dressing includes bark, shredded bark or mulch.
Compost can be applied as a top dressing in the garden throughout the summer.
Good turf management practices also involve annual core aeration of the lawn and compost top dressing.
Both temporary and permanent roads and parking areas may require periodic top dressing with new gravel.
Compost can also be used in the garden as a top dressing or mulch throughout the summer.
Add organic mulch to the planting hole and as a top dressing around the plant.
Top dressing of sod is required to fill voids between joints.
Aerating turf annually in the spring and, depending on fertility needs, adding a top dressing of organic matter.
Compost used as a top dressing on lawns can prevent many weed seeds from germinating.
These fine castings can be used as top dressing on your house plants and in your garden for a shot of nutrients.
Provide periodic top dressing with additional coarse aggregates to maintain required depth.

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