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Then the students rated products, including cleansing ones such as soap or toothpaste.
Neem is so benign that it appears in some brands of toothpaste.
You'll find it in toothpaste and in vitamin supplements.
Despite the toothpaste grin on my face, my guide could sense my severe disappointment.
These were used packaging, plucked chicken feathers, tattered cotton and spent toothpaste tubes.
And all while bringing adequate supplies of soaps and toothpaste.
Toothpaste tainted with an ingredient in antifreeze.
The cellphone camera is now almost as much a part of daily life as toothpaste.
If you buy toothpaste and toiletries when they're on sale, create a space to keep them organized.
Macerated brain, muddy brown and the consistency of toothpaste, oozed from the dural rent marking the bullet's entry.
Nintendo, meanwhile, believes in fewer brands of toothpaste.
The kids particularly liked seeing the packaged food, toothpaste and other daily necessities that were used by the astronauts.
It's one thing for airport screeners to peek inside your shoes or squeeze your toothpaste tube.
Any brand of toothpaste is peddled with far more sophistication than the life-saving work of aid groups.
Bright is eclipsed, though it lingers in toothpaste ads.

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