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Example sentences for toolbox

He is less than eight feet from me when a rock the size of a toolbox comes loose in his hand.
Health reform provides a toolbox that local health systems can use to reinvent the way they deliver care.
Get inside the head-and the toolbox-of modern-day experts in crime solving.
It has to be a whole toolbox, and the bigger the better.
We academics seem to have a larger than average toolbox for justifying tergiversations, principles included.
Science has developed a diverse toolbox of methods for determining which hypotheses are simply good-sounding bunk.
The personal touch is sometimes a pivotal item in the diplomatic toolbox.
He sees the implanted mice as a toolbox--one into which he wants to add the nuts and bolts of the human immune system.
He likens these molecular proteins to implements in a toolbox that help to build specialized brain regions.
They are one tool in the growing toolbox for consumers to help us make more informed decisions.
It is but one tool in our evolved mental toolbox that works to generate such beliefs.
But capital is the only civilised option left in the regulatory toolbox.
And second, it has invented one of the sharpest new tools in the state-capitalist toolbox.
Econometrics are everywhere, and better techniques continually improve the toolbox.
The answer is no, because government has unique capabilities and a full toolbox for helping spur the innovative process.
So, the net result is that a key tool in the corporate investment toolbox is spitting out answers that don't make sense.
So technology is another tool in the teachers toolbox to be used when deemed appropriate.
But many scientists were excited for another reason: it meant they had a whole new toolbox to study human disease.
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