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Click on the drawing tools tab and then the free-form line tool.
But, as often in finance, an instrument designed for insurance became a tool for speculators.
Tool exists to disprove every tenet of record-label rock marketing.
Regardless of the tool or set of tools that you use, be sure your communication plan is clear to your students.
The air tool with the nearest thing to a motor inside it is an impact wrench.
She will be gripping a stone tool and lumbering along with a dead antelope on her back.
So, even if our ancestors were avid tool users, they weren't all that fond of adopting new technology.
More employers are using internships as a recruiting tool.
It's an evaluation tool built into planning so that everything is prioritized and justified.
Ask them how tool use by chimps differs from tool use by humans.
Since then, researchers have observed tool use in a variety of animals.
It really is amazing how quickly annual weeds come out if you use the right tool.
The star of this morning's seminar on open-source intelligence was a slick, automated newsgathering tool.
They were reluctant to use a tool that had no teeth.
True learning cannot occur, however, when education is simply a self-aggrandizing tool.
The drive also detaches easily from the tool so it can be placed in your carry-on bag.
Even films that are historically inaccurate can be a valuable teaching tool.
The scientists say that this is the first case of an animal using a tool to manipulate sound.
However, as many parents and educators can attest, comic books can be a powerful tool in teaching.
Sport was a tool for communist regimes, to gain legitimacy.
The popular micro-blogging site is a handy tool for world roamers.
Scientists will no longer be forced to develop their own models to use simulations as a research tool.
Technology functions as a tool to enhance your experience, rather than as an end in itself.
The solution was, simply, a can of paint-a tool they used all around the house.
But here was a simple, straightforward path to productivity, a miracle tool that would turn my life around.
Moreover, the tool then applies the curing heat directly, rather than using an autoclave.
Scientists have developed a new tool for fighting forgers.
No other tool is as gentle or gives you as much control.
It's easy to see why this might be a useful tool for art historians.
If you do not see free shipping, the shipping tool will inform you how to qualify for free shipping.
If you approach life only as an opportunity to make money, the truth is inconvenient, making science into a tool of propaganda.
Explore and compare global housing data with our interactive house-price tool.
Another useful tool to find distances on a map is to convert the stated scale using the following mathematical formulas.
There's no question that the use of metaphors is a powerfully effective communication tool.
Be sure to read and follow all manufacturer's instructions before using a tool.
So the drug becomes a tool to help customers identify and avoid hidden fats in food.
The biophysicists added another photoreceptor to their tool kit.
Mobile phones also became the tool for organising the huge spontaneous demonstrations in the following days.
The main reason the tool has been missing in action is public perception.
When you work with the specimens, your blunt probe tool is your best friend.
The tool is much too sophisticated for someone who has never labored.
The capacitive stylus has turned out to be surprisingly useful for a lot of things, but up until now it was never a flirting tool.
Use our tool to find out which colleges excel in which areas.
Word has become more stable over the years, but is even now really not a smooth tool.
Write the list down in your journal so you'll always have it handy in your exploration tool kit.
Greg began developing a revolutionary animal-borne research tool to record images, sound, and data from an animal's perspective.
The new tool will be a bane to teaching, some professors say-but others see a blessing.
Its an effective marketing tool to get yourself out there, and can be an ice-breaker.
Art is also an important tool in the healing process.
The law professor turned his artistic talents into a powerful tool for battling overzealous copyright laws.
Required familiarity with use of information systems as a strategic business tool.
As such, it can make for an effective instructional tool.
The logical conclusion is for artists to give away their music as a promotional tool.
Such a taxonomy is clearly a powerful tool for predicting winners.
Point out that the thumb is a body part that provides an advantage when using a tool.
It plans to eventually push for the technique's use as a screening tool.
They generally cited large bonuses as a recruiting tool too.
It's not so much the tool, it's more the energy behind the tool.
Reality exists, and science is the best tool yet employed to discover and describe that reality.
The best can also turn home production into a marketing tool.
Evolution should be taught as a practical tool for understanding drug resistance and the price of fish.
Work makes riches, and the weaver's tool builds the store-house.
Hints of the proper craft, tricks of the tool's true play.
So that there was neither hammer nor axe nor any tool of iron heard in the house, while it was in building.
Not so much the actual tool was needed, as the right to judge the product of the tool.
The novel with some sort of purpose continued to be a tool ready to almost every hand.
Dynamite is not only our best tool, but our best symbol.
His threatened wrath he whets more sharp than tool can file.
Stepping into the street, he turned to shut the wooden door after him, and heard a soft stir in the dark tool-house at his elbow.
The axe was ever more to my liking than the graving-tool.
Quick data collection is critical to performing real-time tasks, for example grasping a tool with a robotic arm.
It may seem odd to base so much of one's scientific life on a single tool and then lobby against its application.
But the main tool in that research happens to be a popular toy.
Scientists have come to view entanglement as a tool for manipulating information.
The wear pattern on the fossil bone tools, they observed, closely resembles the modern termiting tool pattern.
Diversity can be a powerful tool--but it is one that can cut both ways.
Interestingly enough, the first measuring tool that comes to his mind is his own body.
Only then will he capture them in outsize photographs that he takes not with a camera but with a digital tool-a flatbed scanner.
Indeed, the museum was a major tool for educational outreach.
Today, hunting is allowed on more than half of national refuges-an important tool in managing wildlife.
But if such a study were maintained over time, sewage epidemiology could be a powerful drug-tracking tool for law enforcement.
In no way was it a tool for actual foreign diplomacy.
It would appear that skeletons, then, would be a great tool for teaching evolutionary theory.
The archaeologists did find evidence of tool use, including stone hammers and blades.
The stone does show signs of age, there are no obvious signs of modern tool cuts involved.
Anyone who has tried to replace a punctured tire or fix a leaky faucet knows the importance of having the right tool for the job.
Ultralight video cameras fastened to the tail feathers of crows have shown the birds to be versatile tool-users in the wild.
Students may wish to access this online webbing tool to track visually the families, branches, and subdivisions.
Tool-using woodpecker finch probes a branch with a cactus spine.
Players draw cards with informative dino-facts to see which ancient bone they'll retrieve with the special tool.
The new comparison-shopping tool alters the way you might research and book your next hotel stay.
Often, it's dressed up as corporate responsibility and used as a marketing tool.
The space station thus became a tool of foreign policy.
The tool was the short-term interest rate, the target was price stability.
There is no broader social measurement tool that officials would agree is valid and useful.
But until recently, it served mainly as a tool for trading flirtatious banter, swapping gossip or scheduling sundowners.
Under the current chairman, that one tool may suffice.
In other words, it is a useful tool, not a complete answer.
It is not intended as a precise predictor of exchange rates, but a tool to make economic theory more digestible.
Nintendo is quietly testing it for use as a museum guide and an educational tool.
Unusually, the rand is a popular hedging tool for foreigners.
Such tricks make smart systems a crucial tool in tackling global warming.
The recipe provides proportions but fails to disclose what measuring tool you should use.
The only tool you'll need is decidedly low tech: plastic straws cut to size, to help support the cake tiers.
Turner shows us the tool he has made from an ordinary kitchen spoon to remove the blood groove with a single swoop.
Which is funny because email has such obvious promise as a tool for writing, and sharing writing, and teaching writing.
Researchers have developed a tool to predict the spread of news-related tweets.
It's an intervention tool with a short and inauspicious history.
Poetry has become a kind of tool for knowing the world in a particular way.
The genius of this system is that it can use people's hungers and jealousies as a tool.
The pros of this tool are that the future price is completely guaranteed.
Sure, technology is making the dramatic ups and downs possible, but the computer is a mere tool.
But he doesn't seem to be able to dream up any new tool to get them to move.
These communities, because of poverty and culture, have a sense of frugality that is unmatched-a powerful tool for change.
Her machine-tool industry is a triumph of managerial competence.
If you want to know what digitally-oriented people are thinking and talking about now, it's the best tool.
Run the scoring tool in a circular motion over the wall to create small holes in the wallpaper.
Of course salt making is a fun thing to do and even use as a teaching tool for kids of all ages.
So, the film is definitely being used as a tool of awareness and hopefully to impact change.
But the anxiety of not being able to do that can be a tool in your acting.
And it really is quite an insightful tool for moms and dads to get to know their kids better by.
The cutter would place the raw gem, dull and grayish, into a lapidary tool called a dop.
Others hold that they are an essential part of business and professional life, a tool of great utility.
But it can also be used as an educational tool, with spreading awareness.
In short, the motion-picture camera was an entirely new tool for storytelling.
And for the president on the fund-raising circuit, humor can be an invaluable tool.
If his calculations work, the number-crunching provost hopes to add a tool to help students choose their majors as well.
Creating an online tool that makes it easier for students and advisers to monitor progress toward a degree.
The phonetic alphabet is a useful tool because it is indifferent to which language one is coming from.
It is a useful tool for diagnosing the likely state of these spent fuel elements.
It could provide a tool for prying problems apart and opening up a new space for the extension of learning.
It is an increasingly important tool for the exchange of facts and ideas.
Disorientation is a tool of interrogation and therefore a way of life.
Although not quite a great work of architecture, it nonetheless was a first-rate advertising tool.
What began as a tool of the state quickly became a tool of the people.
It's a tool at the ready, and it's free, and they make use of it.
In the lower right corner of the screen, there is a cartoon browse tool.
We've never worked on cars, or done anything else involving a tool kit.
The usual metaphor for everyday software is the tool, but that doesn't seem to be right here.
Researchers get a new tool to determine protein structures.
New studies have found that video games may become a powerful learning tool for students.
The technique, if validated, could be a useful tool in forensics.
The findings are already beginning to shed light on these diseases and are being used as a tool to test new treatments.
THis invention has potential as a field tool for crime scene investigators as well.
We encourage social scientists to use this tool for social-scientific purposes.
T he scalpel is a wondrously simple and effective tool that has saved many lives.
The technology has already proved its worth as a valuable public health tool.
And in part it's simply a useful venue for discussions, since ethnography is still an emerging tool in technology industries.
Impeachment is not a tool to be used at someone's political discretion.
Planet-hunters have yet another tool to use in their quest to discover distant worlds that could harbor life.
Such a device would have to be an early-response tool because even slight mental problems can be dangerous in space.
It could also serve as a diagnostic tool for cancer.
Upon a signal, the students use their tool to try to excavate as many chips and nuts as possible in the shortest time possible.
It's a tool to inspire, a tool to help us write the story of the universe.
Far more than a biological curiosity, suspended animation has the makings of a powerful medical tool.
Antimatter has even been used as a medical diagnostic tool in positron-emission tomography, which uses positrons to find tumors.
But in their day, these devices were used to treat cancer with a newfound tool: radiation.
Fear may not be one of the more pleasurable emotions, but it is an effective survival tool.
Same goes for tool use, screwdriver becomes part of your mental map of your hand.
Then the idea is to allow doctors to customize this tool.
Its ability to understand natural language makes it a valuable tool in many different applications.
Chances are these inconveniences could have been avoided if your doctor used a simple, ubiquitous tool: e-mail.

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