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Early mammals took far longer than previously thought to diversify.
Remington's conversion took effect earlier this month.
These athletes took home gold, but also stole our hearts.
Free to protest, tens of thousands took to the streets.
But it took a multiyear excavation to verify that fact.
Pattern of skull variation bolsters the case that humans took over from earlier species.
The couple removed two windows, added more and larger windows, and took down interior walls to open up the house.
The improvement in giving was slight, but leaders and fund raisers took heart that it didn't decline.
Ask them how the story would be different if it took place today.
Apologies for breaking the chronology, but it took us a while to get this together.
My advisor and her husband took me for a lovely dinner with plenty of great wine.
It took a new law that gave new powers to consumer watchdogs to get regulators to pay attention.
They also took images as the subjects smoked a low-nicotine cigarette.
He started with four and gradually took over all the main ones.
He took off at a tremendous gallop and, within seconds, he had caught up to the middle of the pack.
He got so frustrated with the same underling's progress on a whitewashing report that he took a stab at it himself.
Their findings: that crabs took short steps while moseying and longer strides when running.
The pair, who met in architecture school, took advantage of every inch of real estate by reimagining how rooms could be used.
He once took a shot of a cemetery in the background, a one-way sign in the foreground.
The makeover took two years, but the couple is thrilled with the results.
The barbecue area took two months of mostly weekend and evening work.
After the regime ignored the clergy's demands for an apology, monks took to the streets in several main cities.
Armadillos have bony shells too, but they never took to the seas.
He got home, to be sure, but the journey took ten years.
The procession to the cremation site took five hours.
Yet the paleontologists took their studies a step further.
Second, the time the recovery took has been greatly overestimated.
Inside, the crew would suit up-a process that took about two hours-to explore the lunar surface.
While his colleagues took their holidays, his thoughts began to crystallise into a revolutionary idea.
It took about an hour to measure the wax and oils, melt everything together, and pour the wax.
Mauchly himself claimed that he took away no ideas whatsoever.
The area where the announcement took place was surrounded by posters full of photos showing what each team had done.
The team also found that switching between complex tasks took significantly longer than switching between simple ones.
The marble-in-a-cage valve took up a lot of space, pressing on other body parts, so valve-makers sought a flatter design.
Let me know what your experience has been and how long it took.
Neither the patients nor the doctors knew which medication subjects took.
Lo and behold, the patients who took the drug had fewer heart attacks than those who took the placebo.
The officers called the bomb squad and took positions behind their cars, guns drawn.
Freshmen and sophs took university-mandated distribution courses, much larger and more general in scope.
The pill they took launched a daylong psychedelic journey, sometimes fantastic, sometimes frightening.
There was a house with a yard, and these together took up half an acre.
It's actually a fairly new model of academic librarianship that took root about five years ago.
It took me about three years to get over my resistance to teaching at a community college.
We are dominated at the familial level by improvisations that took hold after the collapse of the patriarchal family.
But when she took it up she found that all the wine had been drunk out of it.
But the idea took off and is now offered by a plethora of middlemen, and embraced by all manner of creative types.
In exasperation he took off his own hat and flung it to the ground.
Quantum entanglement is such a mainstay of modern physics that it is worth reflecting on how long it took to emerge.
City planning also took on new ideas, and developers began thinking in terms of convenience for apartment dwellers.
The sub took close-up photos of the amazing vent fauna and collected samples of organisms for identification.
The lesions done before the exam took from two to eight days longer to heal than the summer wounds.
The machine was placed at one end of the course, the aviator took his seat, and the motor was started.
The change only took place, however, in the younger group of animals.
He did moldings, castings, took photos and looked at the fossils under a microscope.
It took five years for them to create a mutant plant that had lost its ability to sense temperature correctly.
On the other side of the highway, it took him almost an hour of intense searching to find the fence opening to freedom.
No one who was there, or who watched it on television, could escape the memory of what took place before their eyes.
She took out a set of implements, including an oven baster for blowing off dust and a small scalpel, and set to work.
It took as few as three lionfish to start the invasion.
Then woke up this morning and walked around whats left of the town for a little while and took some pictures.
It was expensive to maintain and took up too much of the yard, she says, not allowing enough space for gardening.
It took a little more time to pick out the berries still covered with their papery sheaths.
Then, slowly but surely, the rest of their plans took shape.
But when they took out the lawn, they realized they had shallow feeder rots out to the edges of their property in all directions.
We took a quick break from our jobs to plant morel spawn in our garden.
The first took medication instructions from physicians who monitored the sensor data.
But unlike those who had previously attacked the problem, he took advantage of the new tools of synthetic biology.
Those computers came with operating systems that took care of the basics.
The team took time-lapse images of the cells using dark-field microscopy, a technique that is useful for imaging live cells.
So they got to work, painstakingly restoring a digital copy of the portrait by removing the text, a process that took months.
As the cell-phone project took shape, he told his handlers about it.
But the conversation still took on a slightly pained tone.
To wit, repainting the interiors took seven years, and rewiring took another seven years.
He has recently posted a video of the domestic dispute that took place next door to him.
However, she said, the anatomy of the bones suggests that evolution took snakes' legs not by altering the way they grew.
It took time for signals to travel down human nerves, too.
He was in space when he took this shot, so there is no up or down.
He found that the interval between the sounds influenced how long it took for the students to respond.
He took a rat and subjected it to the traditional foot shock if the animal took a step.
Her friends seemed surprisingly unaware that they took their lives in their hands each time they ate with us.
Once the party started, the plot took an unexpected twist-it got better.
But it took a chunk of change to make everybody else sit up and take notice.
It took me a while to appreciate the paradox that lies at the center of the senator's so-far published work.
The officer took the flag and spread it out on the inspection table.
But after the initial banter, the debate quickly took on a different look than its predecessors.
If a neighbor met misfortune, you took care of them.
Stahl heard the crash and wandered up to the site where he took the photo before the area was cordoned off by rescue workers.
From time to time, she took out his limp body and stroked his matted fur, uttering soothing thoughts to him.
She took responsibility for observing the inhuman uses of power and for summoning her generation to judgment and action.
The next doubling, to four billion, took only forty-four years.
The following discussion took place during the last year.
Aside from political screeds, the fallen dictator also penned two volumes of what he took to be literary works.
The first human genome took fifteen years to decode and cost about a billion dollars.
Usually there are three other reporters, but they change, depending on where the crime took place.
He needed things to be perfect, and it took time to figure out what perfect was.
As the heat took its toll, the city ran out of ambulances.
Daley won and took office on his forty-seventh birthday.
It is not a perfect relationship-there's no such thing-and it took two thousand years to get this far.
The novel that he put away in a drawer took him four years.
One reader took exception to my choice of the perfect cartoon.
He actually took such stands frequently and is now highly praised by advocates for both causes.
Case reports were read to confirm that the suicide took place inside an automobile and chemicals were mixed.

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