tonnage in a sentence

Example sentences for tonnage

The gross tonnage figure, however, is a fair measure of the usable internal volume of the ship.
The public imagines a nation's impact on the sea in terms of the raw tonnage of fish it catches.
Not until the middle of the century did the tonnage of steamships upon the sea begin to overhaul that of sailing ships.
The tonnage bounties given to the white-herring and whale-fisheries may, perhaps, be considered as somewhat of this nature.
The price of old liners depend on the tonnage, the market for steel, and the furnishings.
Its weeping tonnage can speak for all kinds of grief.
The fantasies are shaped not only by the comforts of the cars but by their sheer tonnage as well.
The grade-tonnage models are presented in graphical format to make it easy to compare deposit types and to display the data.
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