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Example sentences for tongue depressor

But not as bad as what you are doing with that tongue depressor.
Materials needed include tongue depressor, sterile gauze pads, and sterile rubber gloves.
Care should be taken not to flip material with the tongue depressor.
Thorough examination of the mouth and throat with a tongue depressor and a good light is mandatory.
Cattle hides will be sampled using a sterile sponge wrapped around the end of a sterile tongue depressor and stapled.
Use a disposable spatula, such as a wooden tongue depressor, to remove the chemical from the bottle.
Then use a tongue depressor and bagged flashlight to check teeth, gums and soft tissues.
The specimens in each sample shall be collected with a sterile tongue depressor or similar uncontaminated instrument.
Using a tongue depressor, insert the swab and vigorously rub the tonsils and the posterior pharynx.

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It put an insidious fear in him like a tongue depressor held fast at the back of your throat.... more
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