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If you get tongue-tied when trying to learn a new language, your genes may be to blame, a new study suggests.
It sucks blood from the tongue, and as the parasite grows, the tongue atrophies.
Capsaicin stimulates the neural sensors in the tongue and skin that also detect rising temperatures.
It makes me think of another question though, which is not strictly tongue in cheek.
These are tongue and groove, and will be nailed down.
The author is being accused of all sorts of things he did not say, or he said only with tongue firmly planted in his cheek.
Oropharyngeal cancers refer to tumors of the tonsils and rear tongue, back of the palate and posterior walls of the throat.
Wasabis could pop one onto the tongue and walk about all day with a showy air of piety.
It is a temptation to roll the great names of great people as sweet morsels under the tongue.
But hopefully it's obvious that this sort of thing is meant to be tongue in cheek.
The cop's tongue dapped at the scraggy moustache while he scribbled.
The work could complement other efforts to reconstruct speech using muscle movements in the vocal tract, lips and tongue.
Thinking about the movement of their tongue or feet raised or lowered the chopper.
Cells that recognize these flavors reside in taste buds located on the tongue and the roof of the mouth.
Grandma is independently wealthy and she won't hold her tongue.
The palate and tongue cracked, and it was almost impossible to chew any food.
Perhaps, but the air is still not so clear-it can be tasted on the tongue, felt in the lungs and obscures the horizon.
Has it in any form and his mouth and tongue blister.
They're both tongue-in-cheek comments, but good thought experiments nonetheless.
They frequently curl up together, and the beagle also goes to her for tongue baths.
When a hole in a wall is approached, a realistic tongue sticks out of it.
By the second week, he could size up a customer's nationality and address him in his own tongue.
Mama smiled at the glue and winked at me, pushing her tongue through the holes left by her missing teeth.
He cut the tongue from a slow porcupine and watched it stand in surprise at his feet, bleeding until it toppled.
The anteater uses its sharp claws to tear an opening into an anthill and put its long snout and efficient tongue to work.
The disorder stems from problems with making the quick and complex movements of the mouth and tongue needed to talk intelligibly.
Gently grasping an egg in her mouth, she rolls it on her tongue, feeling for signs of life.
Soon the first perch appeared, stiff and dead, its open mouth revealing a swollen protruding tongue.
Not much is known about the creature, though the structure of its tongue suggests a diet including nectar.
But he was vigorous in defense of his bower and belongings, and flew at them with beak and tongue out, claws ready to strike.
Sensory feedback via the tongue might improve neural prostheses.
When the proboscis is extended, the bee appears to be sticking out its tongue.
The tongue may get wider in persons who have no teeth and do not wear dentures.
Sudden swelling of the tongue can happen due to an allergic reaction or a side effect of medications.
But the question on every tongue in the music industry is whether she will also perform.
Tongue retaining appliances function by holding the tongue in a forward position by means of a suction bulb.
The principal wanted a soccer coach to stop wearing her tongue stud.
But the thing to notice was the dragon's long forked tongue.
It saves the tongue the work of moving backwards quickly and precisely.
But tyrants hardly tremble at her tongue-lashing, or see any consistency in the application of tougher measures.
Languages on semi-equal footing coming into contact on a daily basis can spawn a partly improvised, partly stable halfway-tongue.
The researchers built an artificial cats' tongue to test their model.
The switch to a puree is likely more apparent to the nose than to the tongue.
Only limited regions of a bear's body surface lack external insulation: the pads of the feet, the tip of the snout and the tongue.
Drops containing proteins that trigger allergies are put under the tongue, where they are absorbed into the bloodstream.
The tongue-in-cheek revue also included dancing canoes and tabletop hockey players.
These words rolled off her tongue as easily as butter melts in a hot pan.
The tongue-in-cheek humor continued when she was asked how she finally wrangled the gig.
He made science cool, turned bad hair good-and there's that tongue photo.
Fat has what chemists call mouth-feel: a creamy texture and a tendency to melt onto the tongue.
Our muscles in the mouth, tongue, and throat must all twitch in carefully timed choreography.
When they nurse they suckle desperately, thrusting out their tongue.
Only hearing him talk, you would swear to hear an aboriginal for his local tongue.
Probably specialized skin, especially on the tongue.
Their mouth became finely adapted for shooting a long tongue forward into ant nests.
Everything else sounds so much worse, even accepting the essential tongue-in-cheekiness of some of the concepts.
They had left a sour dairy taste on his tongue and a pain in his temples.
It might be random sores and ulcers, on the tongue or in the mouth.
Neuromuscular spindles have not yet been demonstrated in the tongue muscles, and only a few exist in the ocular muscles.
One that will not plead that cause wherein his tongue must be confuted by his conscience.
They form merely glandular substations in the course of the lymphatic vessels of the tongue.
And my tongue shall speak of thy righteousness and of thy praise all the day long.
Add gradually four cups of water in which tongue was cooked.
Sure, your tongue knows its sweet from sour, bitter from salty.
Making sure the tongue on the roof of the mouth will strengthen the neck too.
He ran, his tongue out to show his determination, and then disaster.
The helicopter dances over the ice fjord toward the tongue of the glacier, the spot where it begins to shard off.
But ducks actually breathe through the center of their tongue.
His tongue flicked back and forth hitting the corners of his mouth.

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