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The problem is that both books contain an article's worth of ideas and a ton of padding.
The humpback, in particular, can eat more than a ton of krill in one day.
There's a ton of research that shows playing games with people actually improves relationships with them.
Wood is heavy enough as it is, but combined with all those bolted-on brackets it likely weighs a ton.
There aren't a ton of jobs being posted right now due to the economy, but by the time you are graduating, it should pick up.
Adults grow up to eight feet long and can weigh a ton.
There is a ton of well-researched, fascinating information with terrific and terrifying stories from history.
What resulted was a tennis game that's a ton of fun, overall.
The real problem here is that governments make a ton of money from alcohol taxes.
He does field research on anacondas, which can weigh more than half a ton.
Judging by the excitement in this video, preparing the clear goo is a ton of fun.
And colleges-well, colleges have a ton of information.
Can you imagine having to vault three quarters of a ton upwards from underneath the vehicle into a confined engine compartment.
Sponges have to filter about a ton of water for each ounce of food they ingest.
It isn't a bug enough disadvantage to spend a ton of money going somewhere else, tho.
However, if you throw a ton of garbage out, there must be a hole where you dug a ton of stuff to make the garbage.
There are a ton of parks and outdoor activities to do, and there are some pretty decent restaurants too.
And sizzling spills in the ten-ton ladle a golden water of molten steel.
That's when you'll know that you're not looking at some ordinary bronze-sheathed, hundred-and-seventy-five-ton afternoon snack.
Under conditions of great secrecy, factories were set up, to manufacture the new chemical by the ton.
Another effort to cap the leak, by using what amounted to a hundred-ton steel funnel, flopped as well.
When you've seen one half-ton piece of metal flung through the air, you've seen them all.
The cost of ownership is a ton today, thus being almost an impossible task without deep pockets.
There has been a ton of discussion in the lunchroom.
Field paleontologists drill under a mummified dinosaur's ten-ton body block, now separated from its tail.
The five-ton crate housing the enormous hippo was lifted onto the back of a flatbed truck by a construction crane.
The whale was there, a thrashing ton of panic amid the swells.
After the camels shed in preparation for summer, tiny flies can drive a ton of camel indoors-even on a beautiful sunny day.
The one-ton machine and its support equipment are to fit into a pair of standard shipping containers.
The authors could have helped us who are not familiar with bushel to ton conversions by doing the math for us.
By generating about one ton of pellets every day, they are changing the view that such recycling could not be done efficiently.
And it shows teenagers staggering under the two-ton weight of expectations- their parents' as well as their own.
It's that the colleges with such programs pull in a ton of money with grossly underpaid labor.
And you'll want to make a ton of friends with kids who can exchange babysitting with you.
My patient's second microscopic urinalysis showed white cells in the urine, though not a ton.
The pair used only a five-ton fishing boat manned by two crew members.
There's already a ton of ways to track things and people.
The mola fish eats jellyfish exclusively, grows to maturity in two years, and weighs up to a ton.
It's a free space flight simulator with a ton of add-ons.
It cost a ton of money, and continues to cost a ton of money.
It is one thing to do it in a lab, another to crank out this stuff by the pound or ton.
As for not answering email, well, it's easy to get swamped with emails when you start publishing a ton of apps.
As to the power problem, buy a desert somewhere and put a ton of solar cells there.
They could buy a ton of calories for not a lot of money.
And you can suddenly find a ton with relatively simple tools.
Aluminum canning has a ton of advantages over bottling.
The demise of this legislation ultimately will cost the country a ton of money.
It seemed that the workers were being paid by the ton because the company budgeted each field by the ton.

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