tomography in a sentence

Example sentences for tomography

The volcanic plume had previously been imaged using seismic tomography.
The team used x-ray technology called computed tomography.
Dramatic advances in computed tomography now provide detailed scans in ten scalpel-free seconds.
They also contributed to a number of advances in medicine, among them positron-emission tomography, a body-scanning technique.
And it is not something you see using magnetic resonance tomography.
His cardiologist put him through a bunch of tests, including a computerised tomography scan.
Antimatter has even been used as a medical diagnostic tool in positron-emission tomography, which uses positrons to find tumors.
The accuracy of the test matches what's possible with low-dose computerized tomography imaging of the lungs.
The video was made using an imaging technology called optical-coherence tomography.
The video was made using a variation on a technique called optical-coherence tomography.
These systems employ x-rays and computer tomography to scan for suspicious shapes and object densities.
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