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The warehouses hold material from archaeological digs, for example fragments of loose wall reliefs from tombs.
These signs of life are unmistakably distinct from their stony tombs.
Some tombs and city walls that were reinforced with the stuff are still standing.
They spent a week smiling at the cameras, visiting their birthplaces and praying at ancestral tombs.
Once their work was complete, the archaeologists cleaned up the tombs, many of which had been ravaged by floods and looting.
If there are underground bunkers it is likely they will be nothing more than tombs to their builders.
She led us stumbling across a number of broken tombs, holding a large key that in my memory seems almost a foot long.
The people flock in crowds from all quarters, and keep great festivals to honour their tombs.
Among the antiquities of a great nation, its tombs always hold a foremost place.
Carved out of volcanic rock and connected by tunnels, these subterranean tombs are adorned with art and sculpture.
Your tour group usually can explore isolated tombs and crowded tourist sites without any significant crime concerns.
Uncovering new parts of previously discovered tombs is rare, although not unprecedented.
These substances may make tombs sound dangerous, but scientists seem to agree that they are not.
The excavation of a cemetery more than a thousand years old has uncovered tombs of powerful warriors adorned in gold.
The tombs are enclosed by a high iron fence, all of which is set in a grove of trees.
These three tombs are marble table-type tombs, so called for the low flat slab on top that often served as a table for vases.
Excavations in a nearby cemetery have brought to light more than sixty tombs made of stone and covered with stone mounds.
Jade items in tombs were probably meant to help preserve the body.
Moche nobility were buried in tombs with important symbols of power, often made of gold.
Most gravestones are marble or granite tablets although obelisks and brick tombs are also present.

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