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His tomb became a place of great devotion, and famed for miracles.
The tomb contained a wooden coffin decorated with a copper lattice and a gilded mask, sitting on a raised platform.
And it could finally allow for demolition of the old concrete tomb and reactor.
The risk of a big concrete tomb is that it would have to be there for decades, even a century.
He designed his own tomb and it has never been discovered.
His unearthed tomb reflects both his cruelty and his brilliance.
The wasp then lays her eggs in the complacent roach and seals it in its tomb.
Over the years his bones have darkened to the rich caramels of their earthen tomb.
The transformation of archaeology, from tomb-robbing by amateurs into a coherent scientific discipline, was complete.
Donate to the charities but this amount is only enough to buy a ticket to the old tomb.
He knows not what will happen-the triumph or the tomb.
Capo said more people are getting comfortable with the idea of being placed in a tomb.
Only in rare cases did the artists portray tomb owners with all their physical flaws.
Two days later, the tomb was reopened and was found to be empty.
Walled up and unadvertised, the tomb is now invisible and almost unknown.
Tombs began to be carved into the rock of mountains, and reliefs were placed along tomb chamber walls.

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