tomahawk in a sentence

Example sentences for tomahawk

The tomahawk was buried in the grave of the soldier found the year before, as a symbolic gesture.
It exclaims that, while one hand is held up to reject this treaty, the other grasps a tomahawk.
Simple if eccentric pleasures: walk the walled garden, row a boat on small lake, learn to throw a tomahawk.
Some guys go from standing straight to suddenly soaring off one leg for a tomahawk jam.

Famous quotes containing the word tomahawk

Fellow delegates, like all of you I've listened in awe and admiration to the magnificent oratory of the honorable Major ... more
I hope we shall give them a thorough drubbing this summer, and then change our tomahawk into a golden chain... more
On the thirty-first day of March, one hundred and forty-two years before this, probably about this time in the afternoon... more
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