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Airplane pollution deaths still represent a small share of the toll from all kinds of air pollution.
He said two decades of declining state support has taken its toll on public research universities.
Studies have shown that automated systems result in major decreases in toll plaza delays and air pollution.
Soaring summer temperatures can take a toll on many garden plants.
Speaking of big, all that concrete comes with a plus sized toll.
However, if the economy continues to stumble, it could take a toll on next year's job market.
Changing diet, with a growing emphasis on meat, illustrates the environmental and societal toll exacted by unbridled consumption.
Radio-frequency identification tags label all kinds of inventoried goods and speed commuters through toll plazas.
Cool, wet spring and extra cool summer has taken its toll on everyone over here.
The college admissions process may stress out students and parents, but it takes a toll on family pets, too.
Lovers of the old and the beautiful are not the only ones to worry about the floods' toll.
But its popularity has exacted a heavy ecological toll.
It was inevitable that the radio tags that let cars breeze through toll plazas would get placed on, or in, people.
It's impossible to measure the toll they've had on the software industry, but on balance, it has been negative.
High turnover of chief academic officers takes its toll in several ways.
But the popularity of the caviar has exacted a heavy ecological toll.
Fossil fuels exact the biggest toll in terms of lives lost.
But tenure takes a huge toll at every academic level.
For decades, biologists have presumed that the gaudy plumage sported by the males of many bird species must exact a toll.
The harshness of space takes a toll on satellites even at the best of times.
The militants' civilian toll has gone up at a similar rate.
Many people seem to accept that the financial crisis will take its toll on a number of universities.
The operator has the freedom to set the toll at any level it chooses.
Heavy metals, fertilizer compounds, and agricultural chemicals also take a toll.
It has happened to me more than once in my career, and it takes a toll.
Pay and welfare cuts, as well as higher taxes, have all taken their toll on output.
Lying in a landfill, a desktop computer can take a toll on public health.
Productivity growth has recently slowed, so the lack of investment may be starting to take its toll.
But increasing threats from people are taking a toll.
Instead, it could take a toll on other areas of the economy.
Trust me, you don't want to underestimate the toll mental illness takes on a family.
The process is slow, during which it takes an extreme physical and psychological toll.
We now know that the risks of splitting atoms pale beside the dreadful toll exacted by fossil fuels.
The psychic toll of writing checks to five different credit card companies every month was weighing on me.
The tourism dollars are a boon to the region's economy, but an onslaught of snorkelers and divers has taken a damaging toll.
And yes, he was always rated a top professor and got terrific evaluations, but it took too much of a toll on him.
The government's weakness has taken its toll in other ways.
Pesticides, diseases, and other deadly agents have taken their toll over the past decade.
Spoiler: there is a dip in traffic in the months following toll increases.
It does take a toll on you physically, spiritually, and emotionally.
Not surprisingly, global recession and the banking crisis have taken their toll.
Yet their loveliness masks the toll exacted by the gravitational pull of their large bodies and the strain of daily survival.
At the same time, advances in technology have allowed for a growing public acceptance of an increase in toll roads.
The toll promises to be far more severe in the future.
Weightlessness takes a heavy toll on the health of our astronauts.
Despite the toll, chronic pain has been relatively neglected by doctors.
The storm killed thousands, but better preparedness kept the toll down.
For all the attention paid to nuclear proliferation, small arms impose a far heavier human toll.
State budget crisis after city budget crisis has taken its toll.
All those years of smoking, all that nervous energy and tension had taken their toll.
He said he believed that the official toll would increase.
The outlook for half of the countries surveyed will deteriorate as the downturn takes its toll.
To state the obvious, internal conflicts take their toll on growth.
Not all of this is caused by imports: rising fuel costs, environmental regulations and catch quotas have all taken their toll.
Baathist repression over four decades has taken its toll.
But they do seem to accept that retuning the economy will take a toll on growth.
Working conditions often exact a heavy physical toll.
Public-service sites such as local portals might be toll-free and subsidised by governments.
The system then begins branding them as toll cheats and the fines quickly pile up.
To activate this coverage, please call the toll-free number or visit the website listed below and enter the redemption code.
And that exacts a toll, if only in terms of schedule.
He added that anxiety can take a toll on the mental and physical health of adults if it's not treated.
And time seemingly takes its toll on the game's best players more dramatically.
But acting as witnesses in that place, in that era, took its toll.

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