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Some students seem unable to tolerate the appropriate use.
Ants from different nests were then paired off to see if they would tolerate each other, or fight.
Some species can tolerate acidic waters better than others.
Dominant breeders rely on helpers to feed chicks, but they also tolerate individuals that don't seem to help at all.
They tolerate a little more heat and demand less w more add to my plant list.
Occasionally the river would tolerate such restrictions, but more often it would not.
We would no longer tolerate a situation in which the minority had leisure because the majority had labor.
Gars inhabit lakes, bayous, and bays and are able to tolerate brackish and even salt water.
Show me a reason to tolerate the hazards of storing hydrogen.
For those who can tolerate it, though, seitan can replace meat in all kinds of recipes.
They tolerate shade and can grow for many years grouped under tall trees.
Adobe, and others that cannot tolerate delays in critical email deliveries.
Do your best to anticipate how the process will play out, and make a decision about what level of visibility you can tolerate.
Bull sharks happily tolerate the murky water found in estuaries and bays.
Everyones bodies are different and tolerate different things.
But researchers in various labs are making progress towards milder methods of cleaning bone marrow that humans could tolerate.
We have become a sissy nation made up of people that can't tolerate anything and soon farting will be illegal.
Moisture-loving trees that thrive in moist or wet soils, even tolerate periodic flooding.
In both cases, however, the nation refuses to tolerate otherness.
Renault believes drivers who are used to paying regularly for fuel will tolerate this charge.
Yet you tolerate them, because they are your only way to spread your genes into the wider world.
The world can tolerate many more such people from the developing world than it can people from the developed world.
The higher the octane rating of the fuel, the more it can tolerate high levels of compression.
Their ability to tolerate freshwater is rooted in salt retention.
All early farmers had to do was tolerate cats being around and the cats did the rest.
However if you can tolerate the medications the prognosis is usually quite good.
Bears will only tolerate another bear fishing nearby if the density of salmon in the river is high.
Scientists should also develop genotypes of pollinators that tolerate contact insecticides.
They have a great ability to tolerate many cultures.
Avoiding chemical pesticides doesn't mean you have to tolerate pests on your garden plants, though.
But with the smaller ones, he will not tolerate much.
Once established, can tolerate some dryness more add to my plant list.
Also, he will not tolerate another dog in the house.
Perform best in shade but will tolerate sun in cool-summer climates.
Once established, can tolerate some dryness add to my plant list.
Heaths will not tolerate standing water or absolute dryness.
While they won't tolerate as much foot traffic as a lawn, a few low-growing ground covers can take some traffic.
They will tolerate many soils as long as they have good drainage.
Named varieties better tolerate garden conditions add to my plant list.
If grown only for ornamental value, artichokes can tolerate much drought, going dormant in summer heat.
It doesn't need that much but if you combine it with something that requires more, it will usually tolerate it.
He was also aware that his contemporaries would tolerate only so much heaving.
They can even tolerate snow and temperatures under freezing.
If past form is a guide, the junta will not tolerate her speaking out for long.
We may tolerate disparities in the private sector, but the sphere served by government must meet another set of standards.
Many of us have been saying this for years, but the affirmative action police will not tolerate it.
They may tolerate more ads on the big screen than they do online.
It pains me deeply that our country has come now to tolerate mediocrity, for mediocrity threatens our greatness as a nation.
Our culture generally does not tolerate an increase in risk.
Plants grow in poor, dry soils and tolerate almost any condition except damp shade.
The only thing a tolerant society cannot tolerate is intolerance.
They also tolerate a fair amount of sun, except in hot, inland areas.
Thanks to all who tolerate others in all ways and to those of you who don't, please grow up or go away.
It is also a substance hitherto regarded as too toxic for people to tolerate.
But they tolerate no serious domestic opposition, nor much in the way of free speech.
We either grudgingly tolerate or actually embrace the stars and bars, depending on our race and home state.
Consumers will tolerate a lousy product for far longer than they will tolerate a lousy lifestyle.
Apparently, you tolerate and affirm only those who agree with you.
So far many of the foods have bombed, but she has discovered a handful that she can tolerate, and a few she really likes.
Now, there are some who question the scale of our ambitions-who suggest that our system cannot tolerate too many big plans.
We were in a certain sense compelled to tolerate its existence.
The people accepted and practiced in a matter-of-course way as quite proper things which they would not now tolerate.
Down at bottom their temper is such that they will not permanently tolerate injustice done to them.
Hormonal therapy is also an option for patients who cannot tolerate or who have not been helped by chemotherapy.
It may be used in place of aspirin for patients who are aspirin allergic or who cannot tolerate aspirin.
There is nothing smart about this, and the country should not tolerate it.
As organisms become increasingly resistant to the effects of single mutations, they are unable to tolerate multiple mutations.
Some plants, such as mangrove trees, can tolerate brackish water.
The one thing they can not tolerate is soy products in their food.
Oysters can tolerate wide variations in salinity, but they do need some salt in the water.
He and his colleagues have conducted pre-clinical experiments that have shown that people can tolerate it.
But more fundamental organisms such as bacteria and lichen can tolerate the absence of pressure and searing cold.
Across all tests, the participants' ability to tolerate pain jumped after laughing.
Everyone programs themselves via their emotional responses to what they can tolerate.
Mangroves tolerate sea water and can grow into high density forests.
Some coaches merely tolerate the schmooze-and-sell two-step of recruiting.
The government's reaction showed a lot of nervousness about how much opposition it can tolerate.
It might be completely transparent financially, but tolerate low employee morale in a tight labour market.
Normal stem cells, however, seem to be able to tolerate the drug without difficulty.
Moreover large users, by now fully educated about the dangers of lockin, no longer tolerate proprietary control.
Not that the animals that can't tolerate it are somehow freaks that should be on drugs.
Users would never tolerate needing to recalibrate in order to check e-mail.
To do otherwise is to tolerate insecure systems and crappy software.
Professionally managed grant funding does not tolerate discovery.
We wouldn't tolerate plumbers or accountants that poorly educated.
In an operation without navigation, we'll tolerate a little wiggle.
And all of them are plants that can tolerate turbid waters.
Aspens can't tolerate low levels of light, and they will eventually start to die as the conifers dominate the grove.
Daily injection into an inflamed joint is not a procedure people tolerate.
Residents tolerate--even welcome--human propinquity.
First, no one knows if the retina will tolerate a foreign device for a period of years.
Yet the newly discovered bacteria can not only tolerate the element, they require it to survive.
The difference here is the ability to tolerate opposing views.
One result is that lionesses must tolerate cubs not their own stealing milk--something rarely seen in other carnivores.
They only tolerate them because they're popular with their base.
It will not tolerate a state religion any more than it would tolerate a military dictatorship or a birthright monarchy.
Afterward, the authorities took credit for themselves and publicly proclaimed that they would not tolerate this gang.
He believed that perfection was obtainable, and would not tolerate mistakes.
They tolerate, cultivate, and accommodate special interests of all kinds-at once using and being used.
Put differently, a reluctance to pressure-and pressure to tolerate-is what transit costs us.
In their ignorance, they often tolerate ignorant news reporters who in turn tolerate ignorant politicians.
In that sense, they are willing to tolerate the burdens of a one-party state as long as things keep improving.
We simply cannot tolerate such cruel and inhuman actions.
The question of whether the movement could tolerate, let alone sustain, a market economy was a big one on both sides.
Those who wished to survive realized that they had to tolerate error.
We are a nation that is not going to tolerate those who cannot take care of themselves being left to fend for themselves.
What does matter is that popular refusal to tolerate the current state of affairs appears to be reaching a tipping point.
The smart outsider who simply refuses to tolerate the old inefficient ways does sometimes succeed.
And should that symbol actually prove successful, we're generally willing to tolerate horrid violence against individuals.
They are willing to tolerate lack of sleep, stress of unfathomable levels, and separation from family and friends.
Danes are taught not to tolerate abusive behavior, and to speak their mind even if others disagree.
Spouses learn what the relationship can tolerate without breaking.
As my sister puts it, he needed more closeness than he could tolerate.
The following tolerate low indoor light and require little care.
They tolerate extreme temperature fluctuations, little water, and tricky northern exposures.
It's not going to set a precedent if you don't tolerate it.
Work with someone who has a personality you can tolerate.
Particularly if they had earlier given the impression that they were going to tolerate minaret noise.
Shade adapted plants cannot tolerate the bright light of full sun.
Most stenohaline organisms cannot tolerate the rapid changes in salinity that occur during each tidal cycle in an estuary.
Good physical condition and ability to tolerate variable weather conditions.
New drugs are needed to combat these infections in patients who do not respond to or cannot tolerate standard treatments.
Patients with known allergy to iodinated contrast, unable to tolerate pre-medication.
Species does not tolerate extended inundation but does tolerate some fluctuation.
Their body can't tolerate a protein called gluten that's found in wheat, rye and barley.
The more scared people are of some of this research, scientists worry, the less likely they are to tolerate any of it.
Unlike many others, he refused to tolerate the notion that inner-city students were incapable of learning.
The first is, when revolutions happen, tolerate messiness.

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