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The rapid selection for lactose tolerance raises an interesting question.
The common wood frog displays a rare trait called freeze tolerance.
But as global temperatures rise, corals are reaching their upper limits of heat tolerance.
Base your decision on the amount of money you're spending, your tolerance for financial risk, and the cost of the policy.
If profligacy has been their social imperative, its moral corollary is unflinching tolerance.
Pit bulls seem to have a high tolerance for pain, making it possible for them to fight to the point of exhaustion.
The tolerance these bacteria showed reveals something important about how evolution works.
Their pain tolerance was back to normal, on par with the tolerance of people not given any drug or placebo treatment.
To me, this seems to be fueled by hatred, not tolerance.
But the tolerance of the algae to lignin makes it possible to skip this step, which can reduce costs.
It is reasonable to say that some kind of tolerance is needed for empirical falsity of physical theories.
The tolerance for public debt is highly dependent on the participants' perceptions and misconceptions.
His implied message is therefore one of tolerance and understanding.
Tolerance because liberty and democracy are impossible without it.
There is no specific treatment, but you can manage the symptoms by improving exercise tolerance and controlling physical activity.
Pulmonary rehabilitation can improve exercise tolerance and quality of life in the short-term.
The film marshals some impressive statistics to suggest that a climate of freedom and tolerance reduces crime and addiction.
These medications do not carry the same concerns about tolerance and dependence as sedatives.
The debate is over whether religious teaching fosters or hinders tolerance.
It has brushed away earlier criticism of tolerance for its ally's poor record on human rights and economic management.
Besides ushering in a new tolerance of outsiders, the bride shortage has changed social mores in other ways.
Pakistanis justly point to their traditions of tolerance and hospitality.
They need to get excited about small markets, for instance, and they have to have a much higher tolerance of failure.
He also had little tolerance for internal dissent, driving out senior managers who disagreed with him.
In many countries governments treat private-equity firms and hedge funds with either loathing or teeth-grinding tolerance.
Prescription drugs are legal and often legitimately prescribed, and hence not suited for a zero-tolerance approach.
If society's tolerance for high pay is the problem, then personal tax rates should be the tool.
The first is that computers, with their tolerance for tedium, are particularly suited to writing the steps of a formal proof down.
The public is fed up with its closed culture, hypocrisy and apparent tolerance of wrongdoing.
But the tolerance and even encouragement of violence by mainstream clerics must surely be one reason armed extremism flourishes.
Germans have a low tolerance for measures that widen inequality.

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