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However, he was told he no longer had a right to live there.
They told us about the deforestation of their land to make way for coconut plantations.
He told us to stress the plant by tying garden string around several of the branches to choke them.
But then again, so was asking total strangers to mail you the things they've never told anyone.
In the aftermath of fighting or repression, people are often told to forget things.
After floating to the surface, the tag told a satellite the details of its journey.
It was, they told themselves, no more than their due.
The garden department told me there was some basil in the test garden that had flowered and need to be snipped.
Half were told that the statements would be erased, while the other half believed the statements were saved.
My first grade teacher told me that people who were bored, were boring.
The way out, it has told staff, is to help clients to borrow from other lenders rather than to be a lender itself.
They told amazing stories about the recovery of the lobster stocks and how they turned the corner to sustainable fishing.
One group of volunteers was asked to take a dietary supplement, the other group was told they were getting a placebo.
The way the story was told chronologically was beneficial to the reader and made it easier to follow.
She told me that bear damage to east mountain hives is not uncommon.
In some cases, the researchers told participants that a pain-relieving cream had been applied to their skin.
We are told that perhaps they will begin to offer cures for certain diseases.
She told me something that has stayed with me: the family had saved for three years to make the trip.
My mom once told me that hanging wallpaper is the ultimate test of a marriage.
He was told that he had finished his career with that remark.
The research universities were told to compete more.
She asked the university about the dog before getting it, and was told it wasn't a problem.
Many stories have been told as a result of these investigations-many remain to be told.
Jeon implored the reporters not to divulge his whereabouts to his parents, whom he had told he was traveling somewhere else.
The other half were told they would be subordinates.
As freshmen, they were told to come up with a kitchen product that would help elderly people to remain in their homes longer.
He proudly told me the story of each one-where he was on the day he took it and so forth-and smothered me with technical details.
They really have told us so much about the origin of birds and the dinosaur-bird transition.
The portraits, all told, have an arresting intimacy.
Back then, a potential liar was told to place a grain of rice in his mouth, and chew.
He didn't want to ask her if she'd actually told him that she was leaving him.
While he had it out of the water he told us all about it.
One such visitor was the home's previous owner, who told the couple that he had searched the house for the legendary gold.
The empathy group was told to understand what the seller was feeling and what emotions he might be experiencing.
But he told the jury that he couldn't remember precisely what he had said to either of us.
Yet in the same breath, he told me that he had to make a lot of money and pretty quickly.
Secondly, you wouldn't know how to use math if someone told you the answer.
My honors biology teacher told me it was impossible.
That's when, she told me, she began developing a painful burning and stiffness in her neck and upper back.
But then he stopped moving long enough for me to get a good look at his face, and his features told a different story.
One guard was told he'd be killed if he came into surrounding villages at night.
He had been told that cataplexy was the cause of those strange episodes.
Each of those objects has a tale to tell that is as lively as those that the nine-call it eight-planets have told so well.
Mystics of nearly every faith, including all five of the world's major religions, have long told tales of astral projection.
His students hurried to another lama to ask about this, and he told them to cover the body and continue their prayers.
Allegedly, during her term as mayor, she told students that humans and dinosaurs co-existed.
One group of subjects was told that the building was haunted, and the other group was told that it was being renovated.
The students were then told that, actually, those on the bus were not elderly.
Those moms who thought their kids had ingested sugar rated their sons as more hyperactive than those who were told the truth.
Others were told to simply listen, or to repeat the sentence in their normal voice.
If the light ahead is red, the driver is told the optimal speed to avoid stopping and idling.
Others told us you must add the rooster's blood to thicken the sauce properly.
Bear meat, the local hunters told us, is too greasy to make steaks from.
He does not serve these or similar combinations, not because he has been told, but because he knows.
They told me they get hundreds of these every month and did not have time to pursue them.
My sources told me it's a trivial matter to make a verifiable voting system if you don't worry about privacy.
The combination of a genetic map and a political map with matching coloring told me immediately what the experiment was.
After they told me this was the case it was too late.
They told him they wanted to give him a chance at the more upscale area of the market.
There was a totally different story at the time that doesn't resemble anything that we're now being told.
Other times they are told to express their own personal views.
The sound close in, my friend told me later, is almost silent.
In the course of one of these he told me the following.
From the moment he told her he was returning to join his unit, she had no doubt.
Viewers did what they were told and seemed to agree.
Presenting such a view, he told me, was a common practice in commercial television as well as radio and newspapers.
The evening news and the morning papers told the story of that day.

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