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But if they want to become fathers, they may want to limit their tofu intake.
Soy can be processed into fuel, chemicals paints and tofu.
But because it's mostly greens and tofu and packed with nutrients, you'll be full.
Used for millennia to congeal soy milk into tofu, this gunk has hundreds of applications.
Stinky tofu is merely a snack sold in night markets.
Holding a tofu burger or growing a pumpkin simply doesn't draw the same envy.
Only in the combative world of food politics could tofu get charged with killing the planet.
My stir-fried tofu game has been stepped up considerably.
Genetically modified plants, such as the soybeans used in tofu, do not carry special labeling.
Gamely swallowing the abalone, he then deftly places a cube of braised tofu into his mouth.
The idea was to go beyond the movement's old tofu severity, the air of judgment and self-abnegation.
Some members suspected that others in the tribe were freeloading, living off the daily tofu without doing much to earn it.
He pulls open the door and slides in a plate with fish and tofu.
Choose sliced tofu from this recipe's list of usable proteins, and go wild with your choice of vegetable options.
Try the honeyed mascarpone tofu on baguette or the liver mousse with figs.
For a vegetarian version of this dish, try it with tofu instead of shrimp.
Made of soybeans, tofu makes an excellent plant-based protein source without the saturated fats that are present in meat.
Vegans will appreciate the tofu scramble and tofu breakfast burrito.
Vegetarians can make a meal of noodle salads with fresh fruit or greens, eggplant tofu and spicy corn cakes.
Vegetarians have a wide selection of rolls available also, with sweet tofu, marinated pickle and yam tempura choices on offer.
Soy protein, mushrooms and veggies replace meat here, with the dessert menu also showcasing sweets made with tofu.
Starters include nori rolls and hummus, salads and sandwiches, including tofu panini and portobello panini.
Seafood house specialties include catfish and tamarind shrimp, plus five tofu choices.
The chicken entrees are both hormone- and steroid-free, while tofu is available for vegetarian diners.
Next up is sesame noodles in a peanut sauce, served with baked tofu tossed in a spiced lime glaze.

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The figure of the enthusiast who has just discovered jogging or a new way to fix tofu can be said to stand ... more
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