toehold in a sentence

Example sentences for toehold

What really counts, say techno-optimists, is that technology should get a toehold.
The supercritical approach is getting a toehold in this industry.
Now novices and anyone unfamiliar with the valley can get a toehold in the ice with new guided expeditions.
The toehold of hip seemed doomed to remain only a toehold.
These are protrusions which help steady the ladder and allow room for a secure toehold.
Standoffs help steady the ladder and allow enough room for a secure toehold.
Far better to get a toehold in an industry where jobs and wages are growing.
They also play a major role in countering bacterial and cancer cells before they get a toehold.
Raccoons are unable to get a toehold and can't climb to the roof.
Some consider the practice of dumping to establish a toehold in a new market to be an economically rational commercial practice.
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