toed in a sentence

Example sentences for toed

The flexible three-toed sloth has nine vertebrae and the more rigid two-toed sloth has only six.
They will keep their jobs, because they toed the party line.
Near the scattered bones enraged cattle owners always found the tracks of a huge, two-toed paw.
Open-toed sandals, displaying brightly manicured toes, seem ubiquitous.
Bunions often develop over time from wearing narrow-toed shoes.
These regime- controlled media outlets toed the government line, maligned political opponents and blocked critical voices.
They then found the same virus lurking in the genome of the three-toed sloth.
Applicant is a retail establishment that sells steel toed boots.
Similar in habitat preferences to two-toed amphiuma.
Adult three-toed box turtles eat more plant material and fruit than ornate box turtles.
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