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There is something crazy about what is going on in our country today.
The first is that even today it struggles to provide for its people.
Some philosophers today are doing more than thinking deeply.
So much of science today revolves around using human biological tissue of some kind.
It's more or less impossible to define hysteria in a way that a physician today would find acceptable.
Our bodies weren't designed to process the foods and beverages that people are in-taking today.
Even today researchers argue about what separates modern humans from other, extinct hominids.
Go to the national geographic web site and you will see the oil that is still there today.
Today the painting's value is measured in the millions.
Today it seems nearly as unspoiled as it was many years ago.
Today we're going to recommend that you visit a museum.
There is no shortage of dinosaur encyclopedias available today.
As common today as it is, vulgar language has been around since the evolution of language.
Our records show that you have already entered the giveaway today.
Today some of his canvases can fetch a million dollars.
Certainly lots of people are alive today that would have died up until recently.
Road-trippers today don't expect much more from a rest stop than a stale vending machine and, if they're lucky, a clean bathroom.
Brain scans and other types of neurological evidence are rarely a factor in trials today.
Power grids could be devastated by a storm on the sun, astronomers warned today.
Several studies have established that taller people today tend to live longer.
Every era has its essential consumer products-witness the ubiquity of cell phones and iPods today.
Scientists today announced the discovery of the oldest fossil skeleton of a human ancestor.
Today's stylish designs look great in unexpected places.
Today's dining area opens to the living room, kitchen, or both.
In today's cyberspace-paced world, ingredients evolve from gourmet to everyday practically overnight.
In today's economy, spending less doesn't have to mean getting less.
Today's machines with dough cycles give even better results.
Today, these dense chopped salads are making a comeback as an interesting alternative to mixed green salads.
Dinosaurs as depicted in museums, movies and art today are sleek, brightly-colored and often feathered.
Average life expectancy, today at an all-time high, could in our generation increase ten more years.
And here's today's bonus video, watch robot flowers come to life.
Feels the keen thrill of heart, the pang of loss, today.
The lampooning seems rather reckless today and the characterization overbroad.
Either you already reach a higher point today, or you exercise your strength in order to be able to climb higher tomorrow.
Violent crime, drug trafficking, and poverty pose significant challenges to the government today.
It is no uncommon thing even today to find a singer with a repertory of two hundred or more songs.
Words were originally magic, and the word retains much of its old magical power even today.
Today, the prevalence of matches and pocket lighters makes starting a fire a simple task.
Today's placental and marsupial mammals range in form from mice and whales to koalas and kangaroos.
Space fans can today play a cosmic slot machine to help astronomers understand the biggest pile-ups in the universe.
The world will struggle to cut greenhouse-gas emissions dramatically if it continues to burn coal as it does today.
But what his answers demonstrated was a firm belief in the virtues of today's political system.
Today, new employees arrive on their first day with an alarming amount of know-it-all.
When it comes to anecdotes illustrating the pitfalls of today's supply chains, he has the delivery of a stand-up comedian.
That's certainly their prerogative, but that's not really the news value in today's data.
In addition, many of today's mergers command no premium, and are agreed rather than hostile takeovers.
Start with the name-or, as today's political marketers would say, the brand.
The company's diesel fuel works in today's engines and matches the performance of petroleum diesel.
Medicine today is a sea of paper and fax machines, privacy barriers, and unconnected data.
Today satellites and balloon-based experiments show the pattern they predicted is remarkably accurate.
Today's robotic arms have limited flexibility, with many robots requiring up to six arms to achieve a complete range of motion.
But the glucose sensors available today can cause infections after a few days, and they are bulky and expensive.
Many of today's consumer electronics rely on microscopic machines.
Today's systems use florescent tags attached to molecules.
Today's computers rely on moving and storing electronic charge in semiconductors.
The x-ray machines used in hospitals today employ a high-energy source of the radiation.
It is available to order today and will start shipping next year.
Read on for four recipes from this grand repast that can readily be cooked today.
But today the old army grounds thrive as one of the city's prime shopping and dining districts.
Today we're accustomed to seeing food celebrities leap to fame, reign for a moment, then fade.
Today she's up in the hills, cooking at the boss's house.
The winter has been exceptionally mild so far, but the wind today is brisk, blowing in some new weather.
Today the mention of art in connection with cookery is taken for pretension.
The fact is that food aboard ship was not always goo and plentiful and isn't always even today.
Washing up once loomed large among its purposes, but today proportionately more of our sink time is spent preparing food.
Today, with more than half of its own fish stocks at low levels, it is the world's largest importer.
Today it has become a high-spiced, mutton-anchored vegetable soup.
He pulls the rutabagas today, but pulls in green lobsters tomorrow.
Today, before you go to pack it in for the night and get some sleep, challenge yourself to do nothing for two whole minutes.
Today, it was named the fastest supercomputer in the world.
It is also the kind or remark that someone who knows what world politics are today should not make.
In the post-secular world today's categories of left and right will become inapt and obsolete.
One reason to worry is that advanced countries today may not be as creditworthy as they once were.
It is not obvious, then, that capitalist societies create political freedoms today.
Today, these same people are seriously worried about the consequences of that fall.
We know that the country is divided today, because people say it is divided.
The writing of poetry today is an immense free play.
Today tens of millions of people take these serotonin-enhancing antidepressants.
Today's bankers know they could face jail time for trading clients' shares when they have nonpublic information about the company.

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