toasty in a sentence

Example sentences for toasty

Hallways are wide, ceilings are high, and clanging radiators keep guestrooms toasty.
But when a mosquito sucks some toasty warm blood, its body temperature can rocket up.
Toasty doesn't even describe how surprisingly hot it got.
It even spot-heated my legs, which were under a drafty window, without making the whole bed overly toasty.
Individuals take turns moving to the group's protected and relatively toasty interior.
The bacteria give off enough heat to keep food toasty all winter long.
New video of huddling penguins shows the birds do the wave-not to show team spirit but to give each a turn in the toasty center.
While it may have cooled things down, they say, it couldn't have prevented the planet from getting altogether too toasty.
Its insides re-solidify in the process, so once it's made your toes suitably toasty, it's ready to do the whole thing again.
They say it makes the mush taste much better--more nutty and toasty.
Stir until the couscous begins to color and smell toasty.
If your system software seems fine, but the computer feels really toasty, the problem could be overheating.
The bedroom was chilly even when the thermostat read toasty.
The inn surrounds a plaza where kids can romp in snowy playgrounds, while adults sit by the toasty outdoor fire pit.
After the hike warm up by a toasty fire and enjoy winter.
We will provide hot dogs for you to cook over the toasty fire.
You're driving along the freeway in your toasty warm car and out of your window you spot a construction worker.
If you visit in the summer, plan on a toasty visit which is perfect for warm water fishing.
Mammals sweat or pant to release extra heat if they live somewhere toasty.
That's great for keeping kids toasty in the winter but it can cause problems during summer's intense heat.
So if you visit in the depths of summer, plan on a toasty visit which is perfect for all types of water sports and fishing.
In cold weather, layer clothing and wear gloves to keep your fingers toasty and dry.
If no one is home during the day, there's no need to keep your house toasty.
Culturally diverse art, stories, songs and games will help keep kids toasty inside.
Show and tell us about your culture's techniques for keeping toasty.
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