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Of course if you're a philosopher-writer, speculating on the quantum mysteries of the bread toaster would be a good read.
If these experiments pan out, the result won't yield a better toaster or solve the problems of climate change.
One-way interaction is possible now, marry your toaster.
When you heat up a bagel in the toaster, that's bagel warming.
We make everything from lasagna to popovers, albeit in small batches, and can broil even smaller batches in the toaster oven.
But compared to broiling, frying or microwaving your bread, you can't beat the convenient predictability of a toaster.
No car, no television set, not even a modern toaster works without some code.
The cartridge is then plugged into a toaster-sized reader controlled by a laptop computer.
The lawsuit should be filed against whoever created the toaster.
When both are out of the pan, drop two slices of bread into the toaster.
These can be taken out and cooked immediately in a toaster oven or in a broiler.
Put your money into this bank and, if you do it today, get a toaster.
If you're cooking something small, bake it in the toaster oven instead of heating up the big oven.
For example, reheating a small portion of food in the microwave or toaster oven uses less energy than the oven.
So it is with the refrigerator, a modern marvel that has become roughly as thrilling as a toaster oven.
Instead of a standard full-size oven, try using a toaster oven or stove top when preparing smaller meals.
There was no kitchen and no cooking devices, except a toaster and a portable electric oven.
The fax machine can't morph into a toaster when you're in the mood for jam and bread.
Currently, the thought is that there is now way to use dark energy to power your toaster.
Here's a synonym: he's two vouchers short of a toaster.
The breakfast area features a microwave, toaster and coffeemaker.
Rooms feature a coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator and toaster.
All houseboats come equipped with a kitchen supplied with standard utensils, refrigerator, toaster and coffeepot.
The cottages and suites have full kitchens with dishes, pans, a toaster and a coffee maker.
Suites offer a toaster, oven, refrigerator and cookware.
There was a time when opening a bank account was a great way to get a free toaster.
It used to be that a guy could get clocked for giving his sweetheart a toaster for the holidays.
The prospect of a toaster that quickly pops up perfect golden-brown slices every time is to be dreaded.
It plays the game for the same reason a calculator adds or a toaster toasts: because it is a machine designed for that purpose.
Toaster owners can opt to either have the toaster repaired or receive a refund.
Not all the energy used by the toaster went into toasting the bread.
Wiring inside the toaster can become loose and contact the toaster body, posing a shock hazard to consumers.
Use small electric pans or toaster ovens for small meals rather than your large stove or oven.
Never put a kitchen knife or other metal object in a toaster to remove stuck bread or bagels unless it is unplugged and cooled.
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