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Small fragments cannot be treated in the same way, as they are often too tiny to be connected with metal hardware.
Flowers tiny, narrow, red bells in small clusters along branch tips.
Often the singer keeps time with a pair of tiny bells and a small clapper in his hand.
Water vapour condenses to form thousands of tiny water droplets which scatter light.
The millions of tiny polyps that compose the coral ensnare and devour tiny organisms.
Tiny beachfront lot accommodates plenty of outdoor living.
Annoyingly tiny fridges may not be restricted to hotels or dorm rooms much longer.
Space-industry belt-tightening and ever shrinking technology are combining to give tiny satellites a big future, scientists say.
Bandits are tiny bungee cords with a built-in plastic hook.
Scientists are using transmitters the size of three or four grains of rice, powered by a tiny hearing-aid battery, to track bees.
Soon, there were other rooms adjoining the old travel trailer, then a second story with a patio and tiny third floor.
Try manually advancing the main dial in tiny increments.
The unusual properties of tiny particles contain huge promise.
Mature plants bear large clusters of tiny flowers among the leaves.
It is so tiny you'll have to squint to see the letters.
To calculate the heart rate the camera detects tiny changes in the colour of the skin.
These tiny fig wasps work their way inside the fruit and pollinate it, laying their eggs inside and then dying inside.
Computers that run on chips made from tiny magnets may be as energy-efficient as physics permits.
His broad face, with its flat nose and tiny eyes, was recognized everywhere.
Good news for patio and balcony gardeners and homeowners with tiny gardens.
Early on, this savings is so tiny that it is hardly noticeable, but over the life of the mortgage it adds up.
The tiny clusters of cells in question are known as blastocysts.
To the untrained eye, they're not much to look at--a smattering of tiny squiggles decorating slabs of sandstone.
The result was remarkable: a material consisting of billions of tiny magnets, each rotating in its own cavity.
Now studies of the swords' molecular structure are uncovering the tiny structures that may explain these properties.
Millions of tiny microbes infest the water that carries the detritus of human life and society.
Tiny flowers are tightly clustered on a tall, narrow spike.
When you own stock, you own a tiny piece of a company.
The tiny cells in our bodies harbor amazing internal communication networks.
Tiny diamonds etch its design--olive branches with leaves--and, perched symmetrically upon them, eight doves.
Tiny white summer flowers are followed by purple fruits.
Only a tiny fraction of archival material has ever been read, much less digitized.
She also gave me a tiny hairbrush, comb and mirror for my own dollhouse.
The space was supposed to hold a lamppost, but that never showed up, so the tiny square had grown into an eyesore.
If you grow up where he did, the pool can be pretty tiny.
Bottled and canned versions require the intervention of a tiny beer-widget.
Tiny amounts of the estrogen used in birth control pills can cause wild fish populations to collapse, according to a new study.
The tiny primitive plants can produce a lot of oil in a little space.
More complicated than they look, teeth are actually tiny organs.
As the principle goes, the act of measuring a tiny particle destroys it.
Hair is normally maintained through a process that depends on the regeneration of tiny hair follicles.
The tiny lights of fireflies dotting the night sky are a fascinating sight.
Instead of a flat surface, his design uses a type of porous silicon, the surface of which is riddled with tiny pits.
Tiny island nations often rely on the income they provide to boost their meagre coffers.
The ten-year-olds scribble their answer onto tiny whiteboards and hold them up for the teacher to see.
Even a tiny fragment of such junk can destroy a satellite.
String theory, currently a popular idea, holds that the universe is made up of tiny vibrating strings.
Insects, spiders and other tiny monsters that scurry across floors or fly through the air are frightening enough.
In this mathematical approach, everything is jerky and blocky-although on such a tiny scale that it doesn't affect daily life.
The strange invertebrate creeps forward on its many tentacles while sweeping sediments filled with tiny critters into its mouth.
All three are mouse lemurs and are as tiny as their name implies.
Tiny brittle bones, such as seahorses', usually break down before they can be buried under sediment and preserved as fossils.
What's more, the tiny organisms' feeding habits apparently give the falls their shocking color.
No one can afford to publish monographs for tiny scholarly niches.
The weeds were abloom with tiny purple blossoms and gave forth an overpowering fragrance.
Leaning out at the open window, he looked into an orchard where a fat sow wandered about with a litter of tiny pigs at her heels.
It was a tiny cupboard of a room about six paces in length.
Revenues of this tiny island have traditionally come from exports of phosphates, now significantly depleted.
Those tiny stickers on loose fruits and vegetables at the market have a worthy purpose.
Well chosen accent pieces can help turn a tiny urban garden into a tranquil space.
It turns out that the blooms are pollinated by amphipods, which are tiny terrestrial relatives of both fleas and shrimp.
They're often too tiny or too fast-moving to be easily seen, and they tend to conceal themselves well.
Most conifers have leaves that are narrow and needlelike or tiny and scalelike.
The starch in potatoes is contained in tiny packets called potato buds.
No, a gentle giant, a placid consumer of tiny prey that spends a lot of time basking at the surface.
There, they feed on plankton and other microscopic fare pulled in through tiny pores.
It is later found to be a neutron star-a tiny, extremely dense star.
Yet only yesterday this was a tiny farm community with winding dirt roads where the kids walked to one-room schoolhouses.
But when the dinosaurs appear, they terrorize the show's tiny attendees.
They are hidden from us in some way, perhaps because they're tiny or warped.
The cloudy, red parts in the image are tiny particles of dust illuminated by the star.
Even tiny gardens often produce more fresh veggies than can be eaten-or even given away-before they go bad.
However, bird skeletons are so tiny and fragile that chemicals damage the bones, destroying the specimen's scientific value.
The tiny crystals in the alloy get room to stretch, and the foam changes shape.
Tiny particles in the atmosphere are usually called pollution.
To create the capsules, polymer layers are wound around tiny silica particles.
Mitochondria are tiny energy factories within each cell that convert chemical fuel into energy.
Focusing sunlight into a tiny space can increase the amount of available energy and drive down the price per watt.
But it has proven difficult to fill the tiny gaps between transistors to keep them electrically isolated from one another.
On the leaf's surface are tiny wax crystals tens of nanometers wide, which hold water drops as almost perfectly spherical beads.
The problem is that these tiny synthetic vessels tend to clog.
They were tiny and weak, barely able to perform the work necessary for the little colony to survive.
After the video, a tiny, wiry gentleman with a thatch of white hair approached the lectern.
Composed of millions of tiny north poles, iron's punched out of the environment, hammered into railways.
The adelgid is a tiny bug similar to an aphid, and is parasitic to hemlocks.
His only tiny worry was that a too perfect couple might come across as more cutesy than ha-ha funny.
They range in size from tiny to immense, and in number of spots from one to more than twenty-five thousand.
Puffy spent much of that time taking pictures of other celebrities with a tiny camera.
In addition to her tiny bikini, she wore bracelets and various rings, never fewer than eight of the latter covering her fingers.
The tiny green peas in the bowl-easy to drop with chopsticks-are so robust they bounce.
Over the last decade, the idea of tiny houses has gradually gained adherents.
Though still a tiny number-maybe a couple hundred worldwide-more people than ever are making a living designing type.
The short, twisted trees in the orchard offered their tiny crab apples.
The author speculates on why a tiny but outspoken group of scientists continues to detest alternative medicine.
It's not as if our woes were caused by legions of high-frequency traders wrecking the markets with their tiny, tiny spreads.
In which a tiny ladybug's progress across a journal page is a metaphor for one's own.
He runs a tiny hedge fund mostly composed of his own money.
Behind the chant were the slightest sounds, tiny wind chimes, tiny buzzing.
The casing of milk chocolate flecked with tiny bits of espresso-grind coffee sets off the filling without dominating it.
Next, we'll visit a tiny farming community where local farmers cultivate indigenous ragi grain without the use of pesticides.
It perfumes the tiny treats, which are put together with an easy icing that zings with zest and fresh lemon juice.
The tiny sprouts-less than an inch across-lack the bitterness of their full-grown counterparts.
These berries with orblike cups, each tiny drupelet swollen with juice, should never be defiled by heat's wanton touch.
From there it's easy to imagine tiny, sugar-poached tomatoes nestled alongside summer berries in a simple tart or crumble.
That's because annual crops have tiny root systems that grow for one season and then die along with the rest of the plant.
Head past the museum, until you will see a row of carts with food steaming beneath tiny light bulbs.
The tiny size of this oyster belies its robust, coppery flavor.
On the stem, more abstracted petals, with tiny berries or buds peeking out between them.
There are also tiny rotary lawn mowers, beautiful little machines with blades sharp enough for shaving.
Replace the tops and on each put a tiny tip of parsley.
After our first day's sail, there was a mooring near something that could be called either an enormous rock or a tiny island.
Cut into tiny squares, it is good to eat as a confection.
How tiny little insects get us to do exactly as they wish.
But a tiny number of people conquer lethal diseases.
Mitochondria are tiny organelles that harness energy and turn it into a usable form.
The blob was an image of a few thousand atoms inside a tiny vial nearby.
Often found on pilings and rocks near the shore, its crusty body has thin walls that are perforated with tiny pores.
Only a tiny fraction of the brain is dedicated to conscious behavior.
For such tiny objects, the world is governed by a madhouse set of physical laws known as quantum mechanics.
Tiny atomic reactors have energized the nuclear industry.
Take your tiny fork and sort of move the oyster around in its liquid-filled half shell to make sure it's detached.
Her tiny frame was grotesquely swollen with fluid and her liver severely compromised.
When she raised her hand to speak, it was in a tiny wisp of a voice.
Yet only a tiny fraction of this activity is devoted to politics or public affairs.
The smell of burned onion came out of the tiny room where all five members of his family slept.
Another sheet was simply covered with tiny, pencil-drawn tears.
Rather than recoil from these new campers, the protesters did everything they could to include them in their tiny, model society.
Battery powers tiny, implants that aid neurological disorders.
Tiny device can detect hidden nuclear weapons, materials.
The doctor tugs, and between his hands a tiny head appears, covered in wet curls.

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