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Images may take on a yellowish tint as color vibrancy diminishes.
What is more, the spot reflects more red light than blue light, meaning it has a reddish tint in the visible spectrum.
Lest the queen perspire, it has a layer of tint that's both effective and hardly noticeable.
To tint homemade lip balm, add a little juice from beets or cranberries.
Consult the map legend for specific tint representations.
The tint of the flower proceeds from its root, and the lustres of the sea-shell begin with its existence.
Then it is exposed in another box to the fumes of the bromide of lime until it becomes of a blood-red tint.
In tests, they minimized glare and produced more realistic colors, as the flash added less of its own tint.
She has even helped a decorator friend choose the proper tint for her dental veneer.
His liver function tests were always much too high, and his eyes had a yellowish tint from jaundice.
Gradually, he switched over to film, which has a little bit of a tint to it.
The area alternately covered and uncovered may be shown by a tint which is usually a combination of the land and water tint.
The officers immediately recognized that the vehicle's window tint violated the law.
If a window sticker is not visible and the window tint appears to be in violation then the trooper can initiate a vehicle stop.

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