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To my delight, the color didn't fade with cooking, though it did take on a maroon tinge.
The newly freed sulfur atoms would then change color and lend the area its distinctive tinge.
In the fresh state it is of a pinkish tinge at the pyloric end, and of a red or reddish-brown color over the rest of its surface.
Color vision is difficult under low light, and white best reflects the mainly bluish tinge of evening light.
Silvery white, sometimes tinge with a cream or salmon color near where the two halves meet.
Choose leaves that are crisp and fresh and have a deep green color, with no yellow tinge.
But the various theories have a distinctly sectarian tinge.
Typically, those who are running for high office tinge their lengthy discussions of policy with a patina of piety.
When shooting indoor pictures of people, some of their faces have a slightly reddish tinge.
Grenadine adds a pretty coral tinge to this easy mix of guava, lime, and rum.
She will say it with a tinge of apologizing for a parent's.
His political focus has also taken a decidedly internationalist tinge.
The thistlelike stems and leaves have a blue tinge too.
Most summer bloomers have grown tattered and weary, while many tender annuals perish at the first tinge of frost.
Wings are edged dull gray with a brownish or olive tinge.
In addition to the sugary aroma, a tinge of herbal, floral or vegetal flavors evoke the island's rain forest.
It radiates hot blue light in the visible spectrum and gives the cloud a bluish tinge.
For some, redbud, dogwood and the first tinge of tender green are the attraction.
Healthy aspen bark has a greenish tinge because of the chlorophyll in it.
By the third cycle, the water in the cup has lost its steely tinge.
Above, the lunar disk darkens and takes on a reddish tinge.
They worry evangelicalism will tinge social mores with ever-darker tones of conservatism.
It's an almost unheard of situation for an artist, electronic or otherwise, and one that can tinge her answers with defensiveness.
The two qualities conspire to give the pictures a delicious tinge of romantic regret.
The climate inland and to the north is more varied, with a tinge of winter at times.
If hair takes on a tinge of green after swimming in a chlorine laden pool, simply comb tomato sauce through it.
Full reddish tinge to the entire moon from our vantage point, or that's what we've been told anyway.
Some blue bulbs descend from purple ancestors and may seem to have a tinge of violet or lavender.
But there was a darker tinge to the embellishment when snakes slithered across the satin surface.
Consequently, it's safer to deny a case with a tinge of gray than risk being sanctioned.
It is a handmade one-of-a-kind thing, perhaps with a crafty tinge to it.
The acrid tinge in the cool night air was the smell of prosperity to some locals.
Cold winter weather gives the foliage a maroon tinge.
Mildew appears as a gray mold on the undersides of leaves with a brownish tinge in patches.
The contaminants in natural air scatter the short wavelengths, leaving a pale yellow tinge to the light.
While both species have a bluish gray back and greenish or silver tinge overall, only threadfin have a yellow colored tail.
The tiny flowers are whitish, sometimes with a tinge of pink.
It is a white, crystalline, brittle metal with a pinkish tinge.
In addition, the negative tinge of vocational programs needs to be removed, and these programs opened to all students.
Both species have a bluish gray back and a greenish or silver tinge overall.

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