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Turn over a used tin can, such as a standard soup or vegetable can.
Please,let's not get carried away with the virtues of the computing tin can.
The wooden box top has a large round hole into which a sizable tin can of sugar water has been inserted.
We even had a rudimentary shower made from a large tin can with its bottom perforated by nail holes.
As these plates have a higher melting point than tin, the layer of tin can then be melted off and poured into ingots.
Take hammer and nail and carefully punch a hole in the end of the tin can near the edge.
Normally, small amounts of tin can be found in the body because of the daily exposure to small amounts in the food.
Tin can be taken into the body by eating food, drinking water, or breathing air.
To some it resembled a tin can floating on a shingle.
Tin can lids must stay hooked to the can and be pushed down inside.
Tape a thermometer bulb to the outside of the tin can to obtain a rough measure of the dew point temperature.
Contain loose nuts and bolts in a tin can and crimp the top.
Such tin plate over steel is used in the so-called tin can for preserving food.
Place clean tin can and lid in semi-transparent blue bag.
Fine sediments compress the skull to flatten it the way you might step on an empty tin can.
Tin can combine with other chemicals to form compounds.
Everyone can play hop-scotch, talk on a tin can telephone, and learn jump rope songs.

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To have news value is to have a tin can tied to one's tail.... more
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