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Many of the photographs have timer clocks in the background.
And if food access were not a problem, if it were solved, the dramatic increase in fed people would accelerate that timer.
If you really want to go a step ahead, use a timer to see how long birds stay and visit each pan.
He had set the detonation timer, disguised as a calculator, when seeing her off to the airport.
As contestants finished, they smacked a timer, then closed their eyes and put their heads down on the table.
When the timer beeps, he pulls the plate out and gazes at it.
Every old timer that gets on about the weather says they've never seen the conditions that's been going on over the past year.
To me, as a first-timer, this was amazing to see in action.
And of course, buy a timer and have it turn on your machine a couple hours before you are going to use it.
Immediately afterward the rockets fired in sequence, having been triggered by either a timer or a remote control.
Set the app's timer for however long you want to work without interruption.
President as short-timer and a potential loss of patronage.
One way to do that that avoids the perfectionism that so often stalls procrastinators is to set a timer for three minutes.
The goal of a full timer faculty member seems to be more and more research and less and less teaching.
Simply, it is a timer that reminds me to take breaks throughout the day.
One of the last levels is a timed one, which challenges you to complete the objectives before the timer reaches zero.
If you don't have a remote release, use the camera's self-timer.
After a question is read to you, someone starts the timer.
Set the self-timer, frame your picture on a grid, and adjust the focus and white balance for several points in your image.
It vibrates really fast, and has an interval timer so you clean each part of your mouth evenly, and that's about it.
The clock also works as an alarm clock and sleep timer.
Starts a timer and returns a timer identifier, or returns zero if it could not start a timer.
If debris is a problem, use a timer that can activate the pump for many short periods each day.
Thread the timer tape through the timer and use masking tape to attach the ticker tape to the vehicle.
From first-timer to basic user to expert user to computer professional, you have the opportunity to go as far as you want.
If your computer's sound is turned on, the timer should alert you when it reaches zero.
The timer consists of a mechanical timer and related hardware enclosed in a lexan plastic housing.
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