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Example sentences for timepiece

In our own age, the commonest of these is the mechanical timepiece: the clock or watch.
The founder of the pop art movement dabbled in other artsy industries, even creating a special timepiece.
The timepiece has a sapphire-crystal, polished-steel case and a tachymeter to measure speed.
Small enough to pack in a pocket, this solid little timepiece is a precision marvel of miniaturization built to travel.
He took it apart and put it back together several times before deciding to build his own timepiece.
Each of the hand-selected wooden wagon wheels has been restored and made into a fully functioning timepiece.
But it looks good, and despite the flaws it works perfectly as a timepiece.
Hillis' timepiece would tick once a year, its insides would bong once a century, and the cuckoo would appear once a millennium.
If enough people show interest, then this rather handsome timepiece will make it into stores.
IN the age of the digital watch, the public timepiece has become a lost communal art.
When you are looking at a timepiece you have to consider its use, its function and its place in history.
Soon the parts of that timepiece are scattered over the stone tiles.
Test timepiece accuracy and performance, using meters and other electronic instruments.
If they owned a timepiece, they would need to set and wind it daily.
Thus, the timepiece was affiliated with their success in keeping the facility open.
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