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It seems that the advice is becoming increasingly timely.
Ability to work independently, manage tasks to timely completion and appropriately escalate issues.
People act in a timely way when given concrete tasks but dawdle when they view them in abstract terms.
While caution must be exercised in drawing broad conclusions from limited evidence, further investigation is a timely imperative.
Sprains and inflammation can be eased by the timely application of some ice or a cold compress.
We had poems there about war and peace-and those seemed timely.
Troubleshoot problems and take corrective action on a timely and effective basis.
Timely and appropriate humor can help students see their professors as authentic and approachable.
For years now, it's been increasingly difficult to do business there in a timely way, except for late at night.
As well as features from the magazine, the website delivers its own timely news and views plus video and audio content.
First, they sent it before actually completing the search, so it is somewhat timely.
High-profile arrests are one thing: actually convicting a wrongdoer in a timely and transparent fashion quite another.
Micro-expansions can be developed at a lower cost, and quickly, while giving fans the updates they want in a timely manner.
Philips is a health and well-being company, focused on improving people's lives through timely innovations.
If you do not post them in a timely manner, you may be hearing from my lawyer.
The article is timely for my quest to find information on reactive armor.
Timely mowing will reduce seed production but is must be done after the plant has set and has no chance of flowering again.
The resulting turmoil caused him to miss a crucial exam and a timely graduation.
The oil must spread aggressively and be applied in a timely fashion at rates sufficient to cover all the surface.
Furthermore, these big downgrades are a timely reminder that risk is real.
It seems to me that the research reported on in this article is timely and important.
Many thanks for a timely, balanced, substantive piece.
We plan, as a result of her work, to adapt frameworks to her timely advice.
Bright ideas about important, timely issues in science and technology.
But in emergency cases, a timely decision based on some information, is better than a delayed decision with complete information.
The drawbacks of asynchronous tools are that they are by nature less timely and efficient-they are asynchronous, after all.
Students are crippled because unnecessary requirements decrease the students' likelihood to graduate in a timely manner.
It could be a complex situation, but still you may have to act on a timely basis, as the article suggests.
The final point of this modest proposal hinges on two fundamental principles: openness and timely communication.
Wasabi loses much of its flavor and pungency within minutes after it's grated, and so its preparation is timely.
Sorry today's photo came a little late, but it's still rather timely:.
When a problem is too complex for one computer to solve it in a timely manner, pieces are delved out among many computers.
Even though production begins nearly a year before broadcast, some upcoming shows are timely.
Explain that you will make timely updates as you learn new information.
Now you must do the homework to figure out if this stock can recover in a timely manner.
But the reaction offers a timely lesson in political.
Still, this is a fine and spectacularly timely new play for the fall.
Once dismissed as a reckless fiscal sop, the scheme is now lauded as a timely fiscal stimulus.
But the episode does serve as a timely reminder of one thing that is sometimes forgotten.
Hence, all systems can be described as being a trial and error strategy needing a timely readjustment when situations demand it.
These are standard forms that can be modified and customized easily for professional and timely legal contracts.
Accurate and timely information on space objects is vital for defending a satellite, but also necessary for attacking one.
It seems that people have to die for theses companies to act timely.
Similarly, a policy effort to improve public service delivery, education and health too seems timely intervention.
But getting timely and accurate information to imperiled communities is problematic.

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