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Example sentences for timeliness

It is a question here only of the extent of his watchfulness, and the timeliness of his judgment.
We are attempting to engage the community in an active manner to enhance the timeliness and relevance of what to report.
Editors boasted about the timeliness of their news, and how they had beaten other papers to it.
All economic statistics face a trade-off between timeliness and accuracy.
The essence of newspapers is accuracy and timeliness.
The payment sum depended on article length, journal impact, and timeliness.
Given the unfortunate timeliness of his topic, he'd better get used to it.
Other secular faiths, such as public relations and political consulting, put more of a premium on timeliness.
Search engines must also determine the right balance between timeliness and relevance to each user.
Demonstrated proficiency and experience in customer service with high standards of timeliness and responsiveness.
In my experience, such systems never allow for timeliness or spontaneity.
Academic searches, for reasons unknown to me, are completely lacking in transparency and timeliness.
One of the chief rights of the movies to attention is their timeliness.
Timeliness is the health care system's capacity to provide care quickly after a need is recognized.

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